Maybe you’re wrong about your sex…
Ladies, many of you have bought this idea that you have a pleasure ceiling…
“I have a low sex drive”, “I’m not orgasmic”, “I just don’t like sex”, “I’m not sensual/sexual”, etc.
Many sit believing they have reached their peak in their sexuality, and more than even their sexuality but the level of passion and pleasure they can experience.
The fact is… you are right because you’ve decided.
Talking about the blocks to our sex lead us straight back to the pleasure blocks in our lives as a whole.
In truth, I care very little HOW much sex you are having, in what position, what kind of preferences you have, etc.
The real meat of the issue is not this surface level aspects of your sex.

What I care about and what you should care more about is…
The level in which you are tapping into the level of power your sexual energy could provide you as a whole in your life and impact your physical/mental/spiritual life.
The level of learning and expanding you are doing within this area of energy in your life which will provide growth and expansion in other areas.
The level of pleasure you are choosing to surrender to and allow into your life as a whole and then continuing to push past that point where you can go even deeper.
You might have all these beliefs that you believe to be true about your sexuality/pleasure…
And they are true!
Because you’ve decided they are true.
Women that are basking in all pleasure in their lives and continue to push into new levels are those that are happy, healthy, and thriving. They are the women that we see glowing with energy in their daily lives.
With a few focus points in your sex you can move your whole life in a new and positive direction.
Stop squashing the importance of your sex!
Stop believing your sex is separate from the other areas of your life.
Here a just a few things to get you started thinking about moving through that pleasure ceiling you’ve likely created for self…
* Look at the level to which you are embodying yourself and more so your sexual energy. Try breathing right now into your genitals. What do you feel and can you move that energy elsewhere? Can you then use that energy in other arenas of life?
* Are you armored in your body and mind against true surrender based upon your past traumas, wounding, or trust in self? Can you trust your partner. Lack of energetic surrender = crap sex.
* When was the last time you pushed yourself out of your comfort zone sexually?
* Last but not least we all hold energy in our bodies and sometimes our systems become blocked and calloused to sensation. To get that sensation back we sometimes have to breathe into physical and emotional discomfort. Are you allowing yourself to push into the uncomfortable places to open up the pleasure centers in your world?
Just a few things to think about.
You are worthy and deserving of feeling immense levels of pleasure in your world but first you have to drop the old belief systems and habits that are no longer serving you.
🔥 Grab the Fire Within! 🔥
I’ve helped countless women move through the blocks to their orgasmic lives. Though these women were all ready and willing to stop playing small and knew they were meant for more than average and ordinary.
If you want to be one of these women then let’s do a consultation and get you moving on your way to your awakened sensual self.
Photo credit to DandelionImages