I'm Selfish... And I'm Proud of it!

And if you Desire An Amazing Life 

You Need to Be Selfish Too!

Being Selfish Is A Requirement for your Dreams & Happiness...

You're unhappy in your relationships and just don't feel fulfilled

You aren't getting what you want out of your career

You find yourself always emotionally, physically, and energetically drained

You never have time for the things that matter to you

You're sex is okay but you never really get that attention that leaves you craving more

You find yourself...Angry...Resentful... Taken Advantage of... Under-appreciated ...Emotional... Drained... Lacking motivation... and Feeling others Don't Care!

...It All Relates to a Lack of you Owning Selfishness

But I get it!

You don't want to be seen as THAT person!

The person that is heartless and doesn't care about anyone else. The person that is rattling other people's cages with your boundaries and by the fact that you... Goodness Forbid.... say NO!

I get it. You have an amazingly beautiful heart and want to share and help others. I'm right there with you and think that you should let your beautiful light shine in the lives of others BUT... you will only be able to do that with some selfishness in your life.

So we are going to walk together into the land of using selfishness from a heart-centered place and in a way that works for you!

From One Heart-Centered Person to Another....

Some of the topics we will cover…

  • Tuning Into Societal Messages?
  • Selfishness Reality Check
  • Difference Between Selfishness and being an A**hole!
  • Selfishness and REAL Self-Care
  • Big Bad B-Word (Boundaries)
  • Being Heart-Centered & Authentic in Your Selfishness
  • Selfishness MUST HAVE's

Juicy Offerings!

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  • Daily Journaling Prompts for Change
  • Live Q & A w/ Addison
  • Course Downloads Not Available Anywhere Else!
  • Lifetime Access

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