Sitting between my current lovers legs as we snuggle back on a beach chair and listen to the ocean.
My new kitten walking over with her toy mouse and asking me to play while she dances around in the cutest way.
My best friend sharing a funny story or intimacy share with me as we stand chatting before clients.
A moment of deep connective sexing where I felt so loved and held that it still brings tears to my eyes
The moments that become memories.
The memories that become our lives.

Some of which we know at the time are deeply profound and are the moments which we intentionally soak in because we know they are fleeting. We are aware of the life-changing aspect. Sometimes we don’t see them coming but they are when one choice, one minute, one interaction changes us for the rest of our lives.
A baby being born
Someone leaving this life
A special holiday or celebration
Conversation that is edgy
Though most of our lives are made up of not massive life-altering moments but tiny moments of choice throughout our day. The moments that we don’t realize were important until after they are long gone and we feel the nostalgia. Usually because we had a lack of presence in the moment or we talk ourselves out of really dropping in and enjoying what is happening.
When we get stuck in our busyness and to-do’s that we miss these beautifully spiritual moments that are being presented to us….
Like a kitten that will only be a kitten for so long wanting to play… but also knowing you have work you “should” be doing.
Like a lover taking time on your body and ravishing you with love and intention… but being so stuck in your head about everything and anything but that moment.
Like the serene morning where the Universe is ripe for manifestation and play… but you are mindlessly going about your routine and missing all the signs.
But years later… you will miss the playful nature of your babies, you will long for the time/attention that you brushed off, and you will desire to have the serene and peaceful moments of yesteryear.
We often have the most nostalgia and quite honestly regret over the moments we don’t really take advantage of and live to our fullest potential. Because in our hearts we know we didn’t really LIVE them but instead we experienced them as far off disconnected observers.
The problem is that that disconnected observer becomes our life!!!
Our moments become our memories and our memories make up our life.
Though so many today walk around not really remembering their life because there has been a lack of presence in most of the moments.
And while you could blame it on presence (which it is a lack of presence)
I blame it on lack of gratitude and diving into your yummy blessings of the NOW!
Because if you are truly grateful and feel how blessed you are then you are going to be present… you are going to want to be IN that moment and not simply observing it.
And while we can never know what a moment will mean to us in the future….
We can choose to have gratitude and look at all the little yummy moments of play, joy, and transformation in our days.
Because when we choose to live actually LIVING and on the constant lookout for our blessings and “little moments” then we have less regret in the long run.
We can look back over our lives and know that we really lived them and we lived them in the name of love, joy, passion, and play.
When we realize that any moment could be a life-changing moment then we begin to live with more intent and we have more control over….
How our moments… become memories… that become our lives!
Because when we control our vibe
When we control our presence level
We actively participate in the co-creation of our lives.
And we really
Make your moments present and full of gratitude!
~Recover Your Life~
If you’ve ever truly wanted to experience your sexual energy out of the bedroom and the ignition it can provide for your life to expand, then this is an experience for you!
Co-led by Addison Bell & Kendal Williams
*photo credit to Rebekah Lynn #DandeLionImages