Men. My beautiful and sweet men.

Most of you have so much going for you!
You really do.

A heart that desire for depth and deeper intimacy with a woman.

You sit in classes and workshops trying to learn all the right ways to please your woman and guide her to a state of ecstasy. You aren’t okay with wham bam thank you ma’am anymore.

You have the utmost respect for the women in your life and have grown up in this society of “equality” and so you would never think to diminish your woman’s mind or goals.

And although this has helped in ways… this equality society has also weakened you.

It’s taken away your PASSION, you PURPOSE, your DRIVE!

And so you sit there somewhat empty in your deeper drive in this life.

Wanting to call in greater love and sex. Looking potentially at the woman you are married too and feeling flat. Desiring to have that Goddess of a woman enter in order to worship you in all the ways you mirror God.

Yet, it will never happen.

Not because you aren’t worthy…
… You are incredibly worthy!
Not because you aren’t kind or caring enough…
… In truth sometimes you are too much of these things!
Not even because you don’t have a lot to offer…
… Because you have so very much to offer!

It won’t happen because you are trying to make your woman, current or future, your passion and purpose.

You haven’t tapped into that deeper level of drives within the masculine that screams… SEXY!

It’s not about what you look like, although personal hygiene is always appreciated, it’s about you having a passion for life and a greater purpose.

I have men sit in front of me daily in my business.
Good men! Even AMAZING MEN!
Men that want intentional sexing. That want to truly support and be there for the feminine. And yes men that are starving!!! Starving for affection and connection.

And I often find myself thinking…
“If only her would find his passion and purpose. If only he would truly step into the massive amount of power within him.” or “I wish he would bring the powerful masculine home to his wife!”

Over the last year I have had the privilege to date a few good men!

And I then went on to eventually dump… a few good men!

Why dump them?
What was so misaligned with men that I can still look at and think… “he was a good guy!”

They each had their little misalignments in general.

I could point to crappy sex. I could point to misalignment in schedules. I could say that it was a lack of connection.

But in truth, which each man, it came down to one thing.


Lack of passion in the bedroom
Lack of purpose in interactions
Lack of drive and steps towards greater in life.

And I mean a GREATER passion. Something that makes your face alight and that you can’t wait to share with the world. A purpose. A drive to connect with something outside or even inside of self. A purpose to make your life and a relationship continue to grow with greater depth.

I can’t tell you how many times I look at a man… whether they be my client or my lover and ask…

“What do you desire?”
“What are you excited for?
“What turns you on?”
“What are you striving for in life?”

And the look of confusion clouds their face.
Turn on?… isn’t that just for when you’re watching porn?

The fact that these are such difficult questions to answer, and that you aren’t taking action on these answers, might just show you where you are falling short in calling in the ideal partner.

And again, this goes for those of you that are in committed relationships too!

Remembering that each and every day your woman is a new person. If you want to spark that inner feminine. You want to really become magnetic to her and get the sexual passions ignited….

Well, my sweet man. Get passionate. Get purposeful.
And maybe become a little more assertive in your life. Try true passion in and out of the bedroom.

Get passionate about work.
Get passionate about a hobby.
Get passionate about your inner work.

But get passionate!!

Sending Love, Light, & Blessings,


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