Raya: “The world’s broken. You can’t trust anyone.” Sisu: “Maybe it’s broken because you don’t trust anyone.”
-Disney’s “Raya & The Last Dragon”

I sat watching this movie in the theatre with some of my favorite munchkins (aka kids).
I watched as the story evolved into a story about trust and conversely a lack of trust in this dystopian land. The way to saving their world came down to trusting those around them.

As the characters stated the above quote…
It really rang true to my heart…

For our society as a whole right now but even more so, for the the state of our personal relationships.

Which in my opinion are more important than the “world” because if we can not trust those right beside us then we will not be able to truly and authentically spread that trust out to those beyond our main circles. If we find ourselves not trusting in those we meet on a daily basis then how can we trust those in different locations, belief structures, and lifestyles.

Sure we might be able to trust on the surface but below it will be a farce… we will be swirling in ways that someone else will do us harm or how they will manipulate. Creating an energy of falseness and inauthenticity in this trust guard we wear.

This energy of mistrust breeds more mistrust and negativity both in ourselves and within others.

If we are always verbalizing a lack of trust and looking for ulterior motives then those around us will begin to walk on eggshells and change up behaviors (or not change and validate our belief)…
And this will create an edge energy.
A mistrusting energy.

By the time we get to adults, most people have met their fair share of being wounded in relationship and building a wall to trust. And one of our biggest walls to trust tends to be within ourselves.

So we approach everyone from a space of expecting them to break our trust…
So when they are human and inevitably fall off that pedestal… stir our emotions… don’t read our minds… don’t act in the way we desire… or fully mess up…

We exclaim how we “knew it!”, we thus continue to validate the belief that people aren’t trustworthy and close our ears and eyes to any contrary information. Not wanting their perspective or caring about all the places where they were trustworthy.

Let’s throw the baby out with the bathwater per se.

We are fearful of getting hurt so we truly trust no one at our cores.

And so there is always a blockade up with our relationships, love, and society as a whole.

Right now in our current world many are looking around and seeing the world as “broken”
Relationship as “broken”
Even people are looking at themselves as “broken”.

No one is to be trusted.

But what if the thing we need right now is TRUST.
Maybe trust is where we take something that is broken and start to repair it.
It’s where we start to look at the positive elements in people and stop focusing on the negatives.
Where our world starts to reach across the table.

This life isn’t a Disney movie…
And so maybe we will get screwed over at times and have to feel our feelings
But walking around guarded, armored up, immediately mistrusting, and negative will not serve us in the long run of life.

It’s not throwing all your trust at someone immediately. It’s allowing the energy of trust to grow and then also continuing to rebuild because in all relationships there are perceived trust breeches.

At the end of the day it’s knowing and having faith enough in yourself because if you trust yourself enough to deal with things in your life, then a level of fear disappears.

Trust in the energies of the Universe that it is supporting you and then sending that energy out to others.

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