Pre-Recorded Global Training 

Hey there Entrepreneur, Mompreneur or Side Hustle Expert….


You want Profits and you want them NOW!!

You find yourself struggling... workinghustling

You KNOW you are meant to be a Monetizing Bada*s!

You recognize you are the BOSS of your own life and are certainly working it.

You are a go-getter, self-motivator, active student to making shiz happen.


Yet something is missing.

The profits aren’t rolling in and you can’t seem to find the WHY.

You’re losing your passion.

You don’t even truly grasp the word play.

And you are so stuck in the profits that you’re losing your joy.

Sound famailiar?

Kendal Williams and Addison Bell both know what it is like to be in those shoes! We’ve been there, done that, and found our way to jump starting not just a career but a passion that keeps us turned on for life and what we do each and every day.


When you reawaken the play and passion of all kinds, profits will come rolling into your life!


Profits are not all monetary in our worlds, although money is always welcome to flow in, but it is more about what YOUR goals are and what YOU see as the profit to your own life.


In this Bada*s Global Online workshop we will show you how to monetize ANYTHING and make it work in your favor for sales and to CALL in people that will keep coming back!

And of course we can’t teach on play when doing things that are boring!!!


Join Kendal Williams and Addison Bell on our 2019 Girl’s Trip to the Dominican Republic.


Each day we will be teaching from a new spot in the Dominican Republic as we walk through all the keys to stepping into being a Monetizing Bada*s Boss that lives a life of play, passion, and profits.


Enjoy this exclusive LIVE Training from the comfort of your own home/workspace/office as we present these powerful tools we can all access when we tap into our Passion and Play to Manifest BIG Profits!


What you get in this Bada*s Boss Global Training:

  • Exclusive Kick Start Exploration Work
  • 3 days of Live Global Training from Punta Cana
  • 2 audio Meditations to Deepen Growth
  • Daily extensive journaling
  • 6 Livestream Activation Bonus videos from Kendal & Addison
  • Live FB group Access
  • Lifetime Access on Members Only Dashboard
  • Journaling your Way to Rich
  • Expanding Passion Tips
  • Playing to Create Time, Energy, & Magic
  • Hacks to be a Boss that Monetizes Everything
  • Discovering Your Passion Tips
  • Addison’s Money Mindset Smackdown
  • Kendal's Way to Play for Profits






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