You’re isolated and so…
If you like many then you might be having more sexy time
Whether this sexy time is with a partner or solo
Stats are showing an increase in sexual activity and engagement during the pandemic.
Porn sites are booming. Private subscription sites are overrun with new performers.
And couples are reporting more time to have that sex that they have not been having previously.
The old excuses of “We don’t have time” are no longer working as many have plenty of time at home.

But just because we are having MORE sex
Does not necessarily mean we are having good sex.

Many are finding themselves going through the motions and chasing that never completely fulfilling high-sensation climax.
The climax where you are satisfied for a few seconds but then it’s over… where it is genitally focused and the energy never expands outwards into the body.

Even if we are having more sex, it does not mean that we are necessarily expanding deeper into our sexuality and our connection with self or with a partner. Many are stepping into their sex and self-pleasure from the same old place in which they have always approached it and are being left feeling unsatisfied.

More sex isn’t the answer but better sex is the answer.

Sex where you are getting into a continuous state of orgasm and allowing yourself to tune into all the nuances that your pleasure provides. Leaning into the edginess of a new level of orgasm while allow it to flood your body.
Opening up to the toe curling

Mind and body feeding
Energizer bunny
Type of sexing

But many don’t even realize that this is a THING. Many are so programmed by society for average and ordinary sexing that they don’t even know that there is a next level.

All of us… if we really slow down and get right with ourselves, we know that there is a deeper type of sex. In truth our sexual depth is profound and always teaching. There is no end to the learning and the new pleasures that you can experience.

But our society and the things we lean into to teach us about our sex often place a pleasure ceiling on us. Porn provides a deeper level of disconnection in our bodies. We are searching for the next new toy.
When all we have to do is to slow down and get more present with each other and self. All that is required is for us to learn the right technique and to learn our bodies and our partners bodies. To speak our truth and ask for our desires in the bedroom.

People come to see me all the time and share that they are bored with their sexing. But our sex is an ever expansive field to explore and so they often have boxed in pleasure and true orgasm in their minds.
Just because you are having more sex right now in this state does not mean you are improving your sex life or skills!

Those that are committed to exploring and expanding within their sexing will come out of this period of isolation with a new level of energy and connection. Others will come out as orgasmically depleted as they were before and potentially more frustrated and downtrodden towards their capabilities.

True orgasm and deeper sexing is available for everyone.
You don’t have to settle for the boxed in sex and the low-level pleasure. It is possible to use your sexual energy to not just fuel your connection with your own body, your partner, and your bedroom but it is possible to expand to where your sex fuels your life!

Get it! It’s yours for the taking!

Love, Light, & Blessings,

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