There is a fine line between a woman not accepting compliments and a woman just desiring to be seen for more than just her pretty face.
I am constantly hearing men talk about how women these days struggle or even get angry when they are complimented on their physical appearance.

A simple compliment of, “You look nice today”, gets twisted into evil intent. Compliments are shirked off but yet women often deep down still want to be perceived as beautiful.
It is a double-edged sword…
An issue of being overly in the masculine energy and not accepting that part of ourselves that does desire to be appreciated in this way.
There is nothing wrong with an appropriately stated physical compliment.
That being said, if that is all you are providing a woman then she will feel objectified and not truly SEEN.
Today I was scrolling through not only my comments but the commentary that men have made on my content but also other coaches and female entrepreneurs pages.
There is a slew of “you have a nice butt”, “you are beautiful”, “so sexy”, etc.
I, like any woman, love hearing someone tell me I am beautiful. However when this is done right under a post where someone has torn their heart open or shared some meaningful content. It is easy to perceive it as someone dismissing you down.
It feels like being cheapened and that the deeper self is not being felt. Honestly, it shows that someone hasn’t read the actual content and simply looked at a picture.
I bring this up NOT to deter men from giving a kind word. But from the point of view of looking at the compliments that you are giving a woman. Although there is a part of most women that desires to be seen as beautiful…most women are also wanting to be seen as more than just a pretty face.
On one hand, we have the natural desire to be appreciated, desired, and adored. Where it feels good to hear that a man finds you beautiful.
Though if that is all you as a man are limiting us down to then your compliments lose their beauty. If a physical compliment is all you can give a woman consistently then are you truly desiring to truly see that woman as she truly is??
Or are you just appreciating her body and limiting the amount that you will let her mind also penetrate you?
This shows the level of depth you are willing to wander into…
Not just with another but also within yourself.
If you are consistently looking at the surface then you will simply get surface.
You will struggle to find that next layer and feel the true expansiveness of not just your energy but the energy of those around you.
Yes, a woman’s body can be divinely beautiful and breathtaking!
Yes, it’s totally okay to have a moment of appreciation for the physical form!
Though what can deepen that beauty is when you lean also into the mind that comes with that physical body. When you lean into the spirit that comes with that body. And when you lean into the lessons that that woman’s soul is here to provide you.
None of us were put here just to be a pretty face!
That is not a life purpose.
We were meant to impact with a greater divine beauty.
So if you find yourself consistently focused on only the physical…
Ask yourself what your intent behind that is…
Are you trying to connect with that soul or are you trying to grasp and take something?
Are you truly appreciating the whole self or are you stuck in fantasy land?
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