I’ve been in the process of moving over the last two weeks and I’m amazed.
Amazed at all the little junk that a person can accumulate
It’s the little tiny shit that is the biggest pain

The moving of the big furniture is heavy and hard but there is a feeling of accomplishment. 
I see the big furniture.
It’s very present.
What I didn’t see was all the tiny and tedious items
The things that take up space but goes unnoticed

The same goes for lives
We see the big things. The things that weigh us down and are heavy
What we often forget is to clean out the little stuff
To cleanse all the daily accumulations

We don’t notice this build-up
Both in our personal internal world and also in the middle of relationships
The moments where you create a negative pattern
The moment that feelings are hurt but brushed under the rug
The moment where a boundary is crossed but never dealt with

These moments build and build until they fill and overtake
… A person, a relationship, a life!

Where do you need to do some cleansing?
How do you choose to cleanse yourself?

I personally choose to use meditation, journaling, and some other holistic techniques to cleanse, clear, and let go. But sometimes like all of us I get off my game.

How are you off YOUR game?
Where do you need to allow a letting go?
Not in big ways but in all the little stuff?

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