My Beloved,

I find you the most magnificent thing and love every hair upon your head. I love and adore you at all times. There is nothing that you could ever do that would make me love you any less. Each day I cheer for you as you go out into the world with that amazing heart I have provided to you. You have been given a heart that could change the world but dear one you seem to lose connection with it and thus me. I want you! I want all of you and I desire to ravish and romance you. Though you have to lean in and allow me to ravish you. I am romancing you daily if you would open your eyes and heart to me my love. I have the most amazing plans for you and desire to rain beauty down upon you. I want you to have that life that your heart yearns for and put these desires into your heart for a reason.

Though I love you enough to not force you this way or that. I want you to want me and so I am here with open arms but it requires you to step in and surrender to me. To have certainty in me and my love for you. To stop questioning my love for you. To stop questioning your worthiness. Do you think I make unworthy things? You are made of the light of me. Do you think me unworthy? Then stop fighting it. You’re part of my heart forever. That love you so crave at such a deep level…the level no one else has ever been able to fill is awaiting you. Let me love you.

I love you ever so much. I love your heart. I love how you see me in some of the smallest things that I have created. I love that you want to connect with me and reach out to me daily. I love your child-like imagination and how when you truly tap into me you see with such clarity. I love that you don’t give up on me and you don’t give up on those around you. I love the dance we do but it is my turn to lead now. Let me lead. Rest.

Please my beloved… let me penetrate you. Stop resisting all that I have set before you. I will never leave you but I am right now, in this time and space, offering you the world. Please let me hold you and step in fully. I promise you will not be disappointed. I know you are scared. Lean on me. I’m never letting you go. Again, let me love you, lead you, and share with you.