My days of begging are OVER!

I used to beg. Yes, beg.

? I used to beg my clients to do their work, schedule their appointments, and step up into the the life they desired.

In truth there have been times in my years of helping people that I truly wanted their goals for them more than they wanted them for themselves. They verbalized wanting something but weren’t willing to do the work.

As a coach there are times when I do step-in and push extra. There are times when someone will need me to be the guiding light. But BABY…..


?I will not beg you to make sure that you are making time in your schedule for your growth.
?I will not beg you to get up earlier or stay up late to do what needs to be done.
?I will not beg you to take the time you need for our relationships or with you body.
?I will not and cannot commit for you!

It truly is all up to YOU.

If I have to beg then the truth is you really don’t want it!

Yes, we all need help and guidance sometimes and every one of us occasionally will need a kick in the A**. There is support and shining a light when someone needs it… offering love, offering hope, offering a new way.

But I will not drag you kicking and screaming into the things you say you desire.

Opposed to what you might think you don’t pay me to do it for you. You pay me to guide you, support you, believe in you as you do it yourself.

Let’s face it.

If I forced you to do this or that….
Hounded you like your f*cking mother
Then you would resent the work and also me!
You would not be doing it for yourself.
You would get to a point of not wanting your goals
They would simply lose their spark!

I simply am done begging clients to SHOW THE F-UP!

I will love you
I will support you
I will guide you
I will give you all the tools you need
I will push you
BUT I sure as heck won’t BEG YOU!

I see the beautiful potential and light within you
I see the amazing things that you dream of in your life.

But I also need to see the commitment
The drive
The passion
The love

I’m right here by your side cheering you on to have…
the amazing sex, the soul-opening relationship, the career, the abundance…

But if I have to beg you to take the time for self
To do the assignments and exercises I give you
To get committed daily practices
To take the time to connect
Or to simply make time in your schedule for an appointment

Then it will never work!

So I’m done begging!
I’m here with open loving arms when you are ready to truly step-in and commit to self.

Until then I’m loving you from here!

Love, Light, & Blessings,


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