Some days my desire is like a hungry beast. I feel the intense pull.

There are days when my desire is like a ravenous beast that feels like it will never be satiated. It calls for more! And more! And more!
My hunger to be fed and my desire to be penetrated in newer deeper ways edges on painful. Painful because it makes me note the constant filling and emptying of my cup.
It shows me the importance of being hungry… not being so hungry that one perishes but also not satiating to the level that one loses its taste for new delicacies.

Some days my desire rattles my cage and makes me want to hide. I want to shut it down and not feel the edgy pull.
It all feels…
To much!
To big!
To intense!
And yet my soul sends out its battle cry.

There once was a time when I lived my life so hungry that I became numb. I totally shut my desire down. I don’t think I could have spelled the word might as well have tapped into the sensation. Yet, I had a little voice that told me to go find my desire, my passion, and to reawaken a deeper hunger. Reawaken my desire for life!!!

And in truth it literally saved my life. Tapping into that hungry beast changed my world for the better. I felt scared out of my mind while at the same time exhilarated to be feeling and penetrating my life.
But years later and there are still times when I have tapped into a new and deeper level of my soul’s hunger…
And I want to run!!!

Letting life and God penetrate me deeper?
Letting God cum all over me with his goodness??
That doesn’t feel safe!!
Maybe I need a spiritual condom here.
Maybe that’s too deep.
Maybe I will explode from the intensity.

Or maybe, just maybe I will be left f*cked wide open and vibrating in bliss!!!
Because despite my nervousness when tapping into awash of desires. Into hunger.

I know that when I am connected within myself and my spirit that my desires always lead me on a beautiful path.

I know that when I open up and surrender to pleasure, bliss, desire, and passion… I share that energy with the world which is one of my greatest desires.

I know for myself and from watching hundreds of clients, on their desire journeys that sometimes when you feel like you are falling apart and walking on edgy ground, breaking apart, that really you are just shedding another layer that hides your light.

Yet there are times… still to this day…
That my desire and my hunger steals my breath and is like looking at a giant ravenous beast…
Wondering if it is going to swallow me whole but knowing that the second I turn my back from my soul desire I am a goner.
So I stand.
And I ask you to stand.
Seeing it.
Feeling it
Facing it
Shakey knees and all!
Because the size of this beautiful beast of desire is the size of your connection to the divine. It is only the divine reflected back at us.
Don’t run from the desire
Embrace it and make friends with it.
Because it can only lead you to a deeper you!

Love, Light, & Blessings,

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