I apparently starting doing drugs!!!

Lol, this was a comment that I got on a recent video that I had created and was promoting.

And in truth, I’m ecstatic by the comment.

Well not because I’m actually doing drugs…

I am overjoyed by the comment because it meant that I was in such flow…so high vibing… so much connected to myself and my spirit

That I was radiating joy that the average person only can connect to DRUGS.

It means that I have people shaking their heads wondering…

How is she so bubbly?
How is she so energized?
How is she so passionate?

And for those that don’t CHOOSE to reach higher and see the beauty and joy in life…

Of course, it will appear like there is something wrong with those that are living on purpose, in passion, and excited.

Of course, someone that has never truly felt alignment with their source will look for a plausible answer and disregarding.

When we see something high vibe and we are in low vibes, unless we are careful and conscious, we will try to pull that high vibration back down!

It’s too intense
It’s too magnificent
It’s too much!!!!

Our egos could easily take negative commentary and also jump right into the negativity hole
We can use it to help us gain momentum about how we are simply pushing upwards expanding.

Our world is full…
Of negative comments
Of people trying to tear others down
Of bullying in all age categories

But our world is also full…
Of people that love and support us
Of amazing feel good moments
Of energies that can consume us in glorious ways

Its where you are going to choose to focus your time, love, and attention.

If you have people in your life working to help expand you, love you, and desire to see you shine…

Then why focus on the haters???

I absolutely love that people see me as so energetic and that I am full of vibrant youthful energies in my mid-thirties.

Because when we are radiating these type of energies it means that we are right on target. We need to continue to lean into these energies as a society and not away from them.

I’m ecstatic I don’t need drugs to find that place within myself

and FYI… you don’t either!

It’s in you.
If only you choose to look!

Sending you all…

Love, Light, & Blessings!


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