Our environments build us up or break us down.
As humans we often create a multitude of different environments in our lives to which we both give and receive.
These environments that we live/work/connect within also become us. We are the makings of these places and spaces in our lives and they forever can mold us as humans.
This last week I had a huge environment come to halting combustion point. The funny thing that it is not until days later (and probably for weeks to come) that I will realize the true energetic impact of that environment.

My head that was feeling so constantly filled with noise despite all my best practices… now is silent.
A startle response that had developed over months has suddenly dropped away.
A gray cloud of focus fog and barrier between spirit is thinning.
All these little disconnections were the outcome from stress and the energy of the environment I was consistently a piece of and rightfully so, contributed in my own way.
Many times we don’t recognize an environment as unhealthy from the outside or it may start in an incredibly healthy space. It can be a slow drip of negativity and shifting that happens. Statements that get made. Arguments that begin. Bad days that cumulate. Energies that get absorbed from others.
Or sometimes an environment is deceptively too positive. Where it keeps you from reaching out of your comfort zone. Keeps you from truly growing and glowing up because you are just too comfy cozy.
Though the energies of an environment are just as important as the actual comings and goings. Like the energetic combustion that I experienced… the energies of others we spend too much time around become us.
Now some environments and energies impact us more deeply than others. The places and people we spend the most times with are often the biggest culprits of shifting us.
And if we begin to see the impact when we are still in that environment… it can be a massive uphill climb to fight against it and make changes within self. Many find that unless they leave they are unable to shake off the energies and reconnect to themselves fully. Environments are powerful vacuums of energy.
The problem is that even when we leave an environment… relationship, space, energy, religion, etc., if we don’t do our work to clear the energy and minds of that environmental training, then it will stay with us.
Many of us still carry our past environments on our backs to new places…
Our childhood homes
Past domestic abuse relationships
Energies of past negative religious environments
Sexual environments
And they still make impact. Massive moments of impact.
These impactful past environments add to our current environments. Sometimes for good… sometimes for not so good.
So what are we to do?
We don’t always have full control over every environment!
But we do have control over first clearing up our past shiz. Doing our inner and energetic work to find ourselves and free ourselves. Then when an environment gets us off track we can recognize more easily when it isn’t aligned with our core.
We also have control over recognizing both the healthy and unhealthy aspects of our surroundings and especially those that we are continuously interacting with on a daily basis. Also, seeing where you yourself are contributing to that environment.
Then you have to do something about it, whether it be to put up energetic guards, not engaging in certain patterns, or completely exiting if it is cultivating too much toxicity.
Maybe it’s a momentary environment that will pass and you can return to in a healthier space or maybe it’s one that never needs to be a part of your journey again… only you know that answer.
It’s not about cutting out anything that stirs us or is challenging… it’s about staying try to self and realizing when there is inner work to be done, outer work to be done, and the true power of our surroundings.
The key is to constantly be taking stock of the people, places, and energies that could be shifting you and then it is on YOU to stay centered.
Love, Light, & Blessings,
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