I want you to hold me in your arms and in your heart.
Caress my skin while I engulf your sex.
To cross those lines

I desire for you to sweep me off my feet and fall deeply and madly in love with you. To allow my surrender and be honored like a Goddess.

I desire beautiful vacations to all the beautiful places on both of our lists and to experience the world. To allow my walls to come down and allow the laughter, the tears, the depth.

Yet, sitting here and looking in your eyes.
The eyes that really are quite beautiful.
The body and spirit that matches that beauty.

I can’t!

Your need far surpasses my desire!

Leaning into your energy…
I feel in my soul your need to simply heal
I feel your need to be loved on just for you
I feel your spirit calling to mine that unconditional love without any expectation of return is what you need.

You need to be loved!

And I’m the one to love you…
But that means that in this moment.
At this time…

Your need surpasses my desire.

It surpasses my desire because the biggest desire is to hold you in this space and growth that you need.

I desire to be that woman that holds space…
Maybe never crossing that line of friendship
Maybe barreling over it with fervor
Maybe never receiving my desire with you
Or maybe I end up receiving more than I ever expected in this connection.

Only time will tell.

And I love you enough to not worry or wonder or try to control. I love you enough to let you be and see where the tides take us.

And as I sit here and ponder this I am reminded that although we must always listen to our desires because they show us the way. Sometimes we must attune to the larger desires that are less self-focused.

Selfishness is a beautiful thing because we won’t know self if we consistently push our desires aside. Always putting others before self and never owning our life, our joy, our happiness.

But sometimes a deeper desire…
The desire to love someone and hold space for someone trumps the smaller desires that are speaking to us.

Do I want you to take care of me…love me… ravish me.
F*ck YES!
But I love you enough to hold here until you are there!

Recover your heart, recover your passion, recover your sex…

Recover Your Life!

Love, Light & Blessings

You know deep down there is a fire within you waiting to be awakened.

You see the women around you that are turned on and ignited and have wondered from time to time if there is just something wrong with YOU.

Yet you have struggled to break out of your good girl ways.

You desire in your heart of hearts to be the siren… the sexually awakened woman.

Maybe you have hidden this desire deep within and push it aside with religious doctrine or the messages you received growing up.

But you were meant to be RAVENOUS!!!
Ravenous for LIFE.

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