My wish for you this year is….
A softened heart! 💜
I wish you to look into the world with a sense of awe and wonderment of the miracle that is your life. 😘
To see your fellow man from a space of love and compassion. Trying to see and understand a different viewpoint and perspective. 🙏

Seeing how most people are craving love, connection, and a space to simply be accepted.
I wish you to start truly listening from your heart and not just your mind. 💕
To take down the bitter walls that have been built around your heart from all the accumulated pain. Walls that maybe served a purpose for a moment but now is only disconnecting you from your heart more and more.
I wish you to cry rivers of authentic tears that clear your soul AND laugh joyously like a child. Opening your heart with each flow and release of emotion. 😝
To feel all the feelings but at the end of the day CHOOSE to come back to seeing those around you with love.
Leaving mistrust, assumptions, and judgment behind you. 🙏💕
I wish you a year of compassion and love, first and foremost towards yourself. To see your own heart shine in order to inspire others hearts.
So while I can wish you to reach your goals…
🔥To get in shape
🔥Start that business
🔥Write that book
🔥And so on…
💕💕My greatest wish remains that this year you choose to soften your heart! 💕💕
Love, Light, & Blessings,
If you really tap into your soul…
🔥🔥You know it’s TIME. Time to step up into your next level. 🔥🔥
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***Photo Credit Dandelion Images