You “know” that your thoughts create your reality…
I mean you know from an intellectual perspective at least!

Knowing that our thoughts create our beliefs and our beliefs then becomes the current reality of our lives.

Law of Attraction has become a topic that has entered mainstream over the last decade and is slowly gaining attention from many.

Though many only embrace it from an intellectual level but are struggling to truly embrace it at a deeper level where they live from that place.
Most are not truly taking the time to get present and catch the thoughts throughout their day… the big and little thoughts. Some will focus on redirecting their thoughts but have a thought that is contradictory right underneath the surface or they may change the thought at a base level but they don’t truly have the emotion and thus the vibration to support that thought.

However, then many will look at their lives and wonder why they aren’t living the life they desire and why “law of attraction doesn’t seem to be working!”.

It’s because you might know law of attraction at one level but you may not be embracing it from a heart level or truly looking at the supporting thoughts that can be just as troublesome.

I teach and preach Law of Attraction with my personal clients, in my workshops, and in my online content. I fully believe in the power of our thoughts and how those thoughts create our world.

And the other day I was having a walk with a friend and was sharing about some current areas of my life. It was meant to be a relaxed walk but as I talked, my friend looked at me and pointed out a statement that I had been consistently making without much thought. In truth, I was shocked, and unconscious of my use of certain phrasing that I had been using. And I wasn’t catching over the last few weeks where I was getting caught up in the manifestation.

BAM… My friend brought it to my attention.
It wasn’t the tip of the iceberg kind of thought that is easily found but a tricky little thought that lay deeper under the surface.

And from working with client’s and teaching on these things I know that it is often the deeper sticky thoughts that can keep us stuck and trump our efforts at calling in our desires.

It’s not that these thoughts are unconscious…
Because a thought that is unconscious is not going to come out of your mouth or be able to be found…
These are thoughts that are simply not at the front of your mind and stream of daily thoughts.

But our thoughts do create our reality and so if you are like many that are currently struggling to call in the life of your desires…

Then I suggest getting really quiet or journaling on those thoughts that are right under your main stream of thoughts. Also to evaluate which thoughts you are putting energy into.

If you are replacing your negative thoughts with more positive thoughts but your energy isn’t truly behind them then you simply won’t make a difference. You have to tap into the emotion and energy of the thought for it to have the most impact… in both the positive and negative direction.

Take some time to see if you are living your life from a head knowledge of Law of Attraction or really jumping into the game and being the true creator of your life!

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