I don’t belong here and never have
I don’t belong in this town that you see fake painted faces and smiles
I don’t belong in these four walls that hold pictures and memories
I don’t belong in this body of pale skin, red hair, and freckles.
I don’t belong here and never have

Never in my life have I felt like I fit and it has always gone beyond being shy or not having the right social group. As long as I can remember I would look in my eyes and knew I didn’t belong here. This world has never been my home and never will.

I am simply passing through!

Now I plan to make the best out of this amazing ride
To do the work my spirit calls me too
To step into the growth my spirit needs to do
To connect in the ways my spirit needs too

I’m here for a reason…
To help, to heal, to love…
To learn…
And I’m sure more reasons I can’t yet even grasp

But this isn’t my home and I’ll never be quite settled here
I have always and will always feel homesick on some level
Missing my home and looking for my true home

Always searching and knowing at my core that I truly don’t belong here
Feeling like this has been one reincarnation too many
Knowing at a core level that I am simply different
Not better but simply different

I want to go home and feel at home
I want to find and play with my true soul family
I want to feel the true and only essence of self
I don’t belong here!

I occasionally will find someone that I see and feel a bit of home in but in this place, body, ego, it still never feels like home entirely. We can never touch someone else at that level completely. We can see glimpses of the otherworldly but never truly the entirety.

We don’t belong here!

If you are still with me and haven’t turned me into a complete lunatic in your mind then there is a chance that you are part of my Spirit Warrior tribe and you recognize these feelings in yourself.

That moments when you look in your own eyes and know you go so much deeper
The moments of spiritual clarity or happenings when you know in your gut
The moments when your very core aches for a home that you have simply never known
The moments of pure and utter peace, alignment, and calmness that washes over
The moments of memories that aren’t from this time

Welcome to not belonging!

It’s a beautiful and blissful journey home. One that for one reason or another is needed.
I’m ready to make the most out of this little soul adventure…

But I’m still needing a new home!