“When we realize that we are all sinners needing forgiveness, it will be easy for us to forgive others.”- Mother Theresa, ‘No Greater Love’
The last few days I’ve spent time re-reading and meditating with one of my favorite books (“No Greater Love by Mother Theresa), to tap me into my heart and to Christ Consciousness.
The above quote, while simple, is so very true!
And more than ever I believe this sentiments on forgiveness to be important to our society.

In order to forgive another we first must see and accept that within us is also someone that has fallen and made mistakes.
When we walk around, like many do, feeling like they are superior and have never caste their own stones… well then we lose our ability to truly forgive with a full heart.
Losing the humanity of our fellow human.
We lose the chance to also be forgiven because in order to forgive we must also know what it feels like to have been forgiven. There is a deep loving energy that is present in forgiveness. An energy that rises above and does not hold grudges.
Not to get all religious BUT…. “Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone .” John 8:7
We all fall and make mistakes in our lives and it can be a life-changing experience when another person reaches out and forgives. When they remind you that you are bigger than you mistakes and missteps. And do it with true sincerity.
And yet, when I look into the world right now…
And specifically talk with people about their relationships.
We are throwing more stones than offering love and forgiveness.
We forget that we ourselves are ‘sinners’
We ourselves have been lost, afraid, spoken out of ego, acted out of anger, etc.
And while we have our process of noting our own emotions. It is important that we find a space of true forgiveness of other in our world. Instead we hold some of the biggest resentments and life long negativity in our relationships because of a misstep.
While looking at our own missteps and thinking “other should get over it”, OR rationalizing and justifying.
It is a soul acknowledging process to simply admit you were wrong. To not clarify, justify, or negate.
To note your wrong doing, ask for amends, and then not force forgiveness.
But if we expect to consistently have rocks thrown at us this is a hard process.
Its a hard process that stops true forgiveness of others and of self.
It detaches us from our humanness.
And it ruins our most beautiful relationships!
It kills our deepest relationships because we start to collect wrongdoings in our minds and will even throw them about at even the slightest of perceived disagreement.
It kills our ability to love and see another.
Instead we detach, disconnect, and cut people off.
While there are people that aren’t aligned with us or that we no longer desire in our lives. We can still offer forgiveness.
No matter what we’ve done… we also can offer self forgiveness.
Not excusing but forgiving.
And then showing the greatest forgiveness by living from that new space of learning.
While some things in our lives are notably harder to process to a space of forgiveness of others… (murder, rape, abuse,etc)
That shouldn’t be everything.
We shouldn’t be standing there and throwing consistent stones when none can stand and say they are perfect
So I ask you today to look at your life as a whole but more importantly to look to those closest to you…
Are you consistently throwing anger and resentment at them?
Are you throwing more stones, lack of trust, and forgiveness than throwing love?
Are you holding onto things in your relationship? And if so… why are you trying to withhold a forgiving love from self and them? Why are you trying to ultimately ruin a relationship?
Forgiveness… whether we are asking for it or giving it…
Should come from a heart opened place.
And should be ever present in our relationships and lives.
For your soul and mine.
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