This last week has been a week of focused self-growth and expansion work in almost every area of my life.

From an internal stirring I journeyed out into books, trainings, meditation, and so much journaling!!!

I focused on my own inner work that I knew had to be tackled.
I became extra aware of where my ego was present and took care to listen deeper to those in my life.
Watched my thoughts and saw where they were creating different belief systems and thus manifesting in my life.
Learned some new things I am ready and excited to implement in business.

Though today….
I sit writing this in my home with my windows wide open and the smell after a fresh cleaning wafting through the air.
I am watching as my kitten stares wide-eyed at the world right outside and will do silly things that make me laugh
I am hyper aware of all the little things that I am so grateful for that simply are just flowing through my day.

There is a sense of being and just enjoying this moment.

And I am reminded once again…

That sometimes the best growth work is no growth work at all!

While it is important to look at your alignment, your beliefs, where you are in ego, expanding your overall knowledge and diving deep into yourself…

Sometimes it can become a trap in and of itself…
A trap of always looking for what’s wrong and a focus of where you still aren’t doing something…
Meaning a focus on the negative or lack.

Even if you are focused on the positive you are aware of the contrast of the negative when you fall out of that positive.

If you aren’t taking the time to just BE and enjoying your life then you will not be able to obtain a vibration that will support your expansion work.

Also, when your self-growth work begins to feel like “work” then you are no longer assimilating it in the same manner as if you were feeling energized and drawn to that work.

When we don’t take the time to allow ourselves to be fully human and just be with what is here in the now… we lose perspective on our lives. We miss the moments are are beautiful and present in the now.

We also build a belief that we always must be doing, fixing, or working. We build a foundation of…

Us as we are, are not good enough.
We must be constantly tweaked and pruned.

Instead of allowing spirit and energies to guide us to our moments of growth and expansion.

We know when it is time for us to focus in and put intent towards changing a thought or a pattern… as I stated earlier I felt that call a few weeks ago.

Knew that once again it was time for some focused self-butt kicking and looking into patterns. Knew that I was being called to level up once again.

But if you are consistently tapping into your core then you also know when it’s time to simply play, laugh, enjoy, and just be.

When the best move is to allow your vibration to soar from simply living the beauty of your life right now.
Whether you are “working” or not the Universe will provide you learning and expansion.
This is around us constantly and not something ANYONE can avoid…

Growth is inevitable.

But joy, happiness, and flow are not.
These we must allow and be with
These we must open ourselves up and surrender

All the work in the world does not replace living and enjoying from an open-hearted place of NOW.

Feeling such beauty and gratitude in my moment
Just enjoying my life.

Wishing you a beautiful and enjoyable day as well!



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