I am feeling blessed to have spent the last few days away building my business, connecting with new clients and working with my old clients, but most of all getting to have a girls weekend. 

Kendal and I were picked up from the airport by her man , who asked us what our favorite part of the short getaway had been. We had managed to squeeze a lot of things into a short time!

My mind flicked over the trip….
I should say the zip lining… I mean that was a blast!
I should say connecting with the new clients… its always nice to meet new people! 
I should say the unique spa experience… it was relaxing!
I should say the beautiful fish & wine dinner… it was so tasty! 

My mind couldn’t land on one. Yes, all of those things I had done were amazing and I felt blessed to experience each and every. To answer with one of these answers though felt like I was missing something. 

And then I realized why…

Because it wasn’t about the zipline, the spa, or the food to me. None of these in the end really mattered. 

My favorite part of the trip was actually the moments of just connecting with a friend. 

? It was the moments where we would act silly going into our parking garage and burst into laughter. 
? It was the moment where space was held when I shared something that felt immensely vulnerable 
? It was the moment where I got to hold space
? It was the sweet child-like joy of getting to see seals in person for the first time 
? It was me cracking up watching Kendal bolt outside to meet a follower…
?It was the inappropriate inside jokes that kept getting thrown around about fitting into parking spaces, eggs benedict, and what my cat was doing back at home. 
? It was God sending us a gorgeous double rainbow and feeling closer to spirit in that moment and several others. 
? And really so many more moments…

It was the laughter, the emotion, the space, and the energy. It was connection that truly mattered in the end. 

THIS is what I am truly and wholeheartedly grateful for and where I feel the true blessings were out of the weekend. 

You might be thinking, “Awesome Addison. Glad you had a nice trip”

Why share? Why does it matter for you?

It’s not about the trip. Like I shared it was about the connections. 

When we go on a trip it is normal to look back over it and take the time to be more present in experience. To note the fun moments. 

The problem is that it can be easy to focus on the elements that truly don’t matter. What resort/hotel you stay at, the excursions you go on, the amount of money you spend on luxurious moments, and the fanciest food you eat. When in truth this is not what makes your vacation worth it. 

Sure these elements can bring some beautiful ambiance and joy into a trip! Though without any connection to self, other, and spirit they would fall short. 

The same goes for our daily lives!

We often lose sight of the impact of the little moments that happen all day long. Instead of being present and tuning into our lovers, family, and friends every time we are with them, we choose to wait for the big trips/experiences/expenditures. Often sadly to find that the connection is lost by the time we get there. 

We don’t lean into the laughter in the every day moments
We don’t hold space for each other when it is truly needed in the moment
We don’t pay attention to how our spirits are leading us throughout our lives. 

It is so often that we get caught in the hustle to gain the bigger and better but forget our WHY! 

We forget to drop in and appreciate the laughter, emotion, space, and connection as we are moving towards what we desire….

Our dreams lose their sparkle and we lean into the monetary and luxurious to provide us our joy. Which in the end will leave us unhappy. It’s the connection with self, with spirit, and with the other beautiful people in your life that will ultimately bring the joy. 

The luxurious
The monetary
The likes
The numbers

Will add to the joy. Add to the feeling. Add to the moment.

But it is the CONNECTION that is the moment! 

Where are you not truly connection in your relationships…
Where are you not truly connecting with yourself?
Where are you not truly connecting with spirit?

I mean REALLY connecting! Leaning in and enjoying all the moments?

Don’t wait for a vacation to live! 
Live today for today!

Side note to ask self… Valentines Day is in a few days. How are you planning on taking the time to connect and not just throw money, gifts, and shallow experiences at your partner? 

Sending you all…

Love, Light, & Blessings