Not the best sex ever…
But beautifully connective and powerful

My head is thrown back…
The pressure in my p-ssy is intensifying
As I edge closer to a beautiful peak in my orgasm
I feel his energy fully present in this moment with me…
Focusing on the smallest movements of my body

I tell him not to stop and he lovingly throws me over the peak and emotions immediately arise in my chest.
I want to cry but instead tell him to hold me.

For the next few moments he holds me as I move through the last shock-waves of orgasm.

Was this the best orgasm I’ve every had???
Not even close.
Was this some crazy wild sex???
No, actually the exact opposite!

It was beautifully connective, vulnerable, and heart opening.

I lay there is my new lovers arms after one of our first sexual moments together and I felt my heart soften. I felt myself being held in more than the physical.

My heart mattered to this man.
My pleasure mattered to this man.
I mattered to this man!

Which in truth felt disarming as he shared himself with me and me with him…

The check-ins
The focus on pleasure
The presence level
The learning of each other at this deeper level

All made this sex incredibly connective as I looked into his beautiful eyes and felt his masculine presence.

But the best sex ever???

Now don’t get me wrong… it was really GOOD sex. But the best it was not.

It was two hearts coming together.
It was massive vulnerability for different reasons but equal on both sides.

And THAT is what made it gourmet on it’s own level.

Whenever we are present and share our hearts in our sexing, the sexing immediately gets deeper. It’s more orgasmic and more fulfilling. The mechanics and little tweaks can be learned and discussed.

But if s/he touches you and you burn with fire
If you don’t want the moment to end because of the passion
If you want to savor more of your partner…
If your feel the emotions rise in your chest…

You, just like me, have makings of the best sex ever in your future. The sex that changes a person and fills a person with life energy.

But you have to open and allow it in.

You have to surrender into the sex you are having and the deeper and more vulnerable orgasm.

Because one of the reasons it wasn’t “The Best Sex EVER” was because desire some truly fulfilling orgasms throughout our time together…
I came right up against a deeply satisfying, claw me off the ceiling orgasm… and I mean right up against it!!!

And I ran.
It felt too deep.
It felt heart shattering.
It felt too vulnerable.

And so I didn’t drop in as that moment of fear arose….

Sex coach… no sex coach…
In my bedroom I’m still a woman with her own intricacies.

But there will be more sex and more expansion to experience. New levels of pleasure and learning of my lover.

There is Outstandingly Gourmet Sex on the Horizon.

But my message to you all today is this…

Yes, we all want the soul shaking orgasmic wave that comes from our genitals but the heart connection and little moments with a partner can be equally penetrative and orgasmic.

If you are only looking for the high ended climx and the mechanics of your sex

Just looking into your lovers eyes
Just having that care in the sexing
Just having the inquiry and learning of each others bodies is an exciting and orgasmic process.

And even if you’ve been with your partner for 50 years…
You are always learning them and there is always a deeper level you can tap into.

The best sex ever comes when the physical, emotional, and spiritual combine.

The best sex ever… No.

But one of the most caring and loving…. Yes.

Dig deeper into your sexual desires.
Don’t settle for the sex that just gets you off!

There is so much more to be had!

Recover Your Sex
Recover Your Life!

Love, Light, & Blessings,


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Desiring the extraordinary?
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