People that don’t prioritize their sex are…
Creativity lacking
Spiritually lost
and pretty Boring AF people…

Definitely not my tribe kind of folks!
But I used to be one of the above people many many years ago.

Now, I know you might be thinking… “Wow, Addison! Those are some pretty bold statements”.
And they are bold but true.

Our sex is the mirror for our lives and is a tool given to us as humans to expand and connect.
How we sex is how we live!

It is the place where we can always learn something new about ourselves and dig deeper.

Our sexual energy is at the very basis of who we are and how we interact and connect with not just the world but with ourselves.

The seat of our sex is also the seat of…
Our creativity
Our life force
Our desires
Our passion

And this energy connects straight to our hearts and to our higher selves. When we are tuned into our sex we have a greater awareness of who we are and what we want in this world. Our sexual energy can give us direction and a way to connect with another soul at a deeper level.

If you don’t have time for your sex then you also don’t have time to really live. By cutting off your sexual energy and the engagement in the sexual process, whether it be with self or another, you are cutting off your very lifeline to expansion.

If you aren’t connected with the energy of desire and passion… how are you going to go after your soul purpose.

If you aren’t tuning into your body pleasures then how are you going to get any pleasure out of life… because thinking about pleasure is not feeling pleasure.

If you aren’t listening to the intuition that is set in your genitals then how are you approaching your spirituality from your whole self?

You aren’t!
We can not cut off a piece of self and call ourselves whole!

There is nothing more important than your sex.

Because our sex is our learning ground and our way of seeing our blocks. It’s about learning the orgasms of life!

When we open to pleasure we open up our worlds and our emotions… we allow ourselves to be seen! We allow ourselves to receive. We also see the places where we run against our egos and our minds are getting in the way.

So when someone tells me that they don’t prioritize their sex but that they are “spiritual”, “connected”, “purposeful”…

I call BULLSH*T!!!!

Because the most connected, purposeful, spiritual people are ones that have a conscious and constant relationship with their sex. They put it first and foremost and know that power that it holds in their lives.

Those that say they don’t need/like sex…

I call LOST!

I lovingly encourage you to do more of your healing work and find the connection with your sex. That doesn’t mean it needs to look like anyone else’s connection but you must connect.

Because otherwise you are leaving a huge piece of yourself behind.

You are giving up DESIRE
You are giving up PLEASURE
You are giving up ALIGNED CREATIVITY
You are giving up A PRIMAL PIECE OF YOU!!

Don’t give yourself up.

You are worth living full, passionate, and connected.
You are worth exploring all of you and really experiencing this life in all it’s glory and orgasmic experiences.

That requires you to stop disconnected
And start living from a place of prioritizing your sex!

~Recover Your Life!~

Love, Light, & Blessings,


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