Why are you waiting?
Why are you wasting your precious time? Time is the one of the things we can never regain!
Why aren’t you letting your light shine, NOW?

You are stuck in the “one days” and the “when I get/have ______ then I will”. You are holding yourself back and you can’t even see it. You think that you can’t achieve your dreams until you have the money, the time, the energy, the confidence, etc, and so you continue to not take action. You continue to give yourself excuses to not step-up and step in!

When are you going to decide that now is the perfect time? Because I can promise you that if you wait for all the circumstances of your life to be perfect before attacking your passion then it will never happen!

I get it!!!……

You don’t feel worthy….DO IT ANYWAY!
You don’t feel confident….DO IT ANYWAY!
You are fearful……DO IT ANYWAY!

I went on a date last night and we were talking about careers. I was sharing that one of my passions is writing articles and blogs. He shared with me that hehas always dreamed of writing a powerful novel. Then he said he didn’t know how I wrote consistently and that he was too perfectionistic and self-judged too much to do that.

I couldn’t help it but the coach came out ?

I told him that I JUST DO IT. That there are tons fo times when I feel self-conscious about my writing, or a video I make, and that if I allow myself I can easily step into extreme perfectionism. But I just don’t allow those things stop me from stepping up.

One of the practices I find for not only myself but also for my clients is to thing about who you want to be in 5yrs. Who is that person? What do they do? What have they achieved?

Then I choose to act in the way that person would act…. NOW!!!
I am constantly asking myself, “what would the person I want to be do right now?”
A simple but actually profound question that can kick my butt in much needed times.

Don’t wait to write that novel.
Don’t wait to create that business.
Don’t wait to step into love with self or others.
You will die waiting.

Start TODAY!

Love, Light, & Blessings!