The SOLD sign was the first thing that hit me.
I walked through the house logically knowing that this was simply a house. A building with walls and floors like any house.

Though I couldn’t help but have memories flash in my mind as I took the final stroll through the house where I spent so many years.
I walk into the kitchen and remember both beautiful moments of laughter and moments where the food and room felt like a torture chamber.
I walk into the living room and remember where my nephew first learned to walk and where we would play for hours. Where I would spend hours reading and doing homework.
The bedrooms in which I grew up until my life expanded too large to hold it. The window out of one of the bedrooms that I would look out dreaming and visualizing. The closest where I can remember lying so many nights crying and facing my own demons.
This is only a house but it is a representation of who I was and where I have been. Both a sadness for that person and so many of the happenings and yet at the same time a celebration for the person that expanded into where I find myself today.
As I finish the final walk through of my family home, my father consoles that it is “just a house” but in truth, it is so much more. It is a symbol.
Its being sold to another family feels like a final cutting loose of that girl. The one that was scared of everything and anything. The one that held so many gifts and yet hid in the corner. The one that held everyone else’s pain but was not able to acknowledge her own until it almost killed her. And a letting go of the beauty of that naive, imaginative, hopeful girl and realizing that she is now a loving, bold, imaginative, and yes still sometimes naive woman!
It isn’t the place that makes us who we are but we truly do send our energy into the places we live. Those walls, God help them, will always carry my energy.
It is recognizing when the energies of our lives are being cleared for beautiful new energies. Cords being cut in order to a new level of expansion! And my family home held massive cords. Cords I would reattach (and then have to cut) for worse or better every time I would visit.
I encourage you to look at the cords in your life that you reattach with inanimate objects…. a house, a card, a vase, a dress, ANYTHING. Look at where you continually are reengaging with old energies!
Also, look for your growth everywhere in your life. It is easy to look at all the thing you haven’t done and all the areas you still are growing into but there is also a remembering of how far you’ve come.
Notice your transition and expansion!
Celebrate it.
Acknowledge it.
Breath into it.
Sending you all…
Love, Light, & Blessings,