“Oh so I was a bitch to you huh? You don’t remember when I was nice.. and nice again, and again, and again, and again, AND Then I was a bitch. You don’t remember that do you?”
-Missyblueeyes89 “Tiktok creator
We often see the end game.
The lack of effort or the straw breaking moments.
When ending a relationship or writing someone off it’s easy and even comforting to focus on these traits.

Pushed past the brink of boundaries and sanity. The level of DONE that is truly done and tired. Where the person can no longer hold back the pain and upset. The moment when the dam finally breaks and that person feels like no one is seeing/hearing them.
It’s often we point to these moments and say…
“See I knew that was the real them”
We then setoff building up evidence and rearranging past experiences to fit with this perception. Sometimes there are altruistic deeds and moments of beauty that gets swept under the rug and/or skewed.
Forgetting that often there were cries of help or attempts to rectify situations WAY before that damn broke. Moments of goodness and laughter.
At the end of the day the best people in the world will have their final boundary moments where they say, “enoughs enough”. And it is often these moments that stand out in our minds and noted as true character.
There are always two in any relationship.
And while we are never responsible for another’s actions and reactions…
It is our responsibility to see our role in creating the outcome.
I talk often about how its easy to call someone a bitch, crazy, toxic, etc. What is harder is to look at how the dynamics and particularly, your role in those dynamics, could be creating those reactions/perceptions.
My hope today is that you take a look at your relationship dynamics and check yourself on where you are helping to create negative emotional outcomes.
Also, in your healthier relationships to see where you potentially are missing moments of sharing, connection, gratitude, and really hone in on being present with those in your life.
The blow-up doesn’t just happen. It is a million things before!
Love, Light, & Blessings,
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