Welcome to the On- Demand Coaching Corner!!

I'm Addison and I love guiding people to live a more expansive, fulfilling, and embodied life! 

Our world has been transforming rapidly over the last year. This means people that could access coaching prior are struggling to find the time, health, and finances to commit to a full program.

And let's be honest!

Sometimes we just have a few questions we want answered in order to get us the clarity we desire. Now, this does not take away the need for a full coaching program if someone is truly struggling and needs someone to hold them accountable, love on them, guide them in processing, or simply in changing some of the deeper elements of our work.

So I wanted to offer a supplement to my more traditional modalities. A space where you can come and ask questions, get expert advice, and at times just receive support.

So if you are needing guidance on...

Relationship/Dating Questions

Sexual Questions




Then check out the below options!~


There are options if I'm not available.

  1. Go below to the calendar link and schedule a session. Please pay attention to the link below the booking that requests for you to pay. Your session is not confirmed until you pay!
  2. Don't see something that fits your schedule? Email Addison to schedule a time. Please provide a few times/dates to begin the scheduling process and share if you would like a phone call, text session, or FB Live Video Call. addisonbelltantra@gmail.com
  3. If you want a longer session then please email Addison. 1 hour session via text is $125
A few things:
*I can not fix your entire world in a few minutes! If you need more extensive coaching then I will suggest that. Don't ask me to entirely fix your sex, relationship, mindset or anything else in the below options.
* On-demand coaching is focused on YOU. I will not answer deep personal questions about myself and if you have paid for a session and show up undressed on camera or engage in an overtly sexual manner with me then your session time/money is forfeit.
*Please show up on time and ready for a pre-scheduled session time. You will be asked to pre-pay for any pre-scheduled session time and will not be refunded. If you need to move your time then please contact Addison prior to talk about options.