One day….
The pain you are feeling right now will be a beautiful lesson.
The things you thought you couldn’t get through but do will become your greatest blessings.
One day.
But that day isn’t today!
Today, my darling it is okay to allow yourself to feel the ache. To allow yourself to be right where you are which is feeling lost and uncertain.
It’s alright to see your ego moments and your desire to give up.
Viewing your shadow and viewing your light.
Yes, there is a lesson and a blessing in every circumstance but at the same time, it’s okay to feel the feelings.
We logically understand things in our lives but at the same time the emotions are still there.
Reach for the silver linings but don’t reach so far that you are stuffing everything down as you go…
Because what you don’t heal you will re-feel over and over again.
You can know that there is a purpose in everything that is happening in life and still allow yourself to be human and feel the feelings are arise.
So, yes darling…
One day I KNOW you will see the reason for all of this mess but today it’s okay to allow yourself to cry, feel overwhelmed, angry, or anything else…
Don’t stay there in the shiz pile… but allow yourself the process.
Sending those you you that have had a rough day, week, month, or even year…
Grab the Fire Within,