Oral Intimacy: Discovering Deeper Passion & Play

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Is it possible for women to actually CRAVE oral sex?

It is possible to actually desire and crave oral sex. There truly are women who have learned how to savor the true gift of oral intimacy and how it is not for the receiver but for the giver. Yep, you read that right. You, the giver, are actually the true receiver.
But how can this be possible? What are you actually receiving by giving oral sex to your lover? And, is it possible to get your woman craving to give you oral sex?
Join Kendal Williams, Freedom Based Living Coach, Sex & Relationship – Tantric Coach, and Addison Bell, Sex & Relationship Educator, Tantric Practitioner to answer these questions and more in this afternoon of candid play, discussion and learning all about oral intimacy.
It can be one of the most pleasurable moments in your love-making.

In this workshop you will:

  •  Discover that oral sex can actually be the thing that YOU desire
  • Learn what you as a man need to do to make oral sex more enjoyable for your woman
  • Take the breaks off and explore the unique flavor of your desire in intimacy and also in all other areas of your life
  • Learn ancient Taoist Sexual Secrets about how oral sex is related to our mental and physical health and discover what modern science is saying about these very things

During this LIVE recorded class we will share with both men and women on the powerful, passionate, playful practices and psychology behind blow jobs and our fascination around them and taboo play with them.

  • Learn cock anatomy
  • All about Semen & Saliva
  • Health Benefits to Women
  • Why Men Want to Cum
  • Why women don’t want to swallow
  • Safe Oral Sex Practices & Communication
  • The Best Blow Job Positions & Why
  • Deep Throating and the Power of the Sexy Gag
  • Facials
  • How Oral Sex expands our relationship and increases play and passion
  • Top 5 White Tigress Practices for Oral Sex