I feel like Orgasm Goldilocks!

I lay there as this first gentleman begins to stroke my body
I give soft but meaningful direction
I need the strokes soft and long and then a little shorter and quicker.
I share my own sensation but he isn’t listening to direction and so when I say left he makes no move to change things up. I say right and he continues to do exactly what he was doing.
I agree for him to enter me but the lack of direction has now got me into my own brain and nothing seems to be working. I logically know he is there but yet my body barricades against this touch because he isn’t listening and my body can’t relax knowing I can’t trust. I can’t surrender to the orgasm. He isn’t “bad” but I’m left unfed by the encounter.


I then am taking deep breathes as another gentleman simply touches my arm.
I have more orgasm in this moment of him simply touching my arm then I’ve had all day. He asks permission and from his first touch I am a “Yes”. He begins to learn my body and the sacred touch points that I wish all men knew that drive me wild. That’s why I’m here… to provide space for this divine masculine. The energy is high from the very start despite him being in his head but then there is a totally blissful moment where my energy is bubbling in heat and he asks to enter. I give my permission and can feel my body ache for MORE. A moan escapes my lips and then he finally finds his presence. His presence opens up a whirlwind of energy. We begins vibrating, literally, as his energy rises melding with mine and my energy explodes. It is not climax but instead a beautiful crescendo of energy. Emotion sparks in both parties as we disconnect to process the small but powerful encounter. I’m left breathless. This is a FIRST in this scenario and I’m left incredibly intrigued.


Then another man walks up and I can feel his immense amount of nerves before he ever touches me. I’m tired and my body feels like it is desiring to shut down unless it can be offered something simply divine. He again asks before he begins his strokes and he follows my every direction. He is militant in his direction but his following of directions like a champ has him in his head. He is reminded to get out of his head and to get grounded and present with me in the moment…. But he remains in his head. I have the sensation of orgasmic energy like it is covered and in saran wrap. I know it’s there but can’t seem to fully touch it. Despite the touch that is on point there is not the presence my body requires. A connection of energy. And his true attunement with my body. I feel it happen as I go 100% numb. There is nothing he is going to do and I will not push my body where it does not want to go. I state I am done and then …I’m done.

I’m wheeling from the different energies and yet am reminded even in that moment of so many different men that have passed through my life and those I work with on a daily basis. The guys that just don’t follow direction! Who think they know better, and so, in the end will never provide the space for their woman to open. The guys that are so in their heads and focused on mechanics that they lose sight of the fact that tips, tricks, and techniques are only a minuscule piece of the equation. Providing a state of presence is how you truly manifest orgasm and connection. Then there are those guys that take a breath, follow direction, and connect with their energy and the energy of their partner. They don’t hide. They don’t shy away from the intensity. Nope, they jump in head first and in this stepping in allow their woman to also step into new worlds. These men are the men that make us orgasm at a touch…a look… a whisper. It’s nothing but their intent and presence. And when two people’s energies truly are aligned and collide… WATCH OUT. You might just energetically blow shit up!!!

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