Orgasm. What do you think of when you hear this word?

Most people hear this word and equate it with sex, which is and is not the case. Orgasm can happen during sex, but it is also a life energy and a way of living. Let’s break it down to help clear up all the misconceptions that are out there surrounding the elusive word.

Orgasm or Climax:

In sex, when someone hits the highest peak and has 5–30 seconds of intense peak sensation, it usually is labeled an orgasm. What they are actually speaking about is the climax. Orgasm is all the peaks and valleys of sensation during sex and can, at times, have moments of intense sensation (climax), but is more like a wave and less of a metaphorical cliff that someone falls off sexually. There are numerous different types of sexual orgasms—skin, g-spot, emotional, clitoral, breast, spiritual, etc. The types of orgasms vary, and as we learn more about the human body and sexuality in general, this variation increases. Women will often tell me that they are not “multi-orgasmic,” but the truth is that we are ALL orgasmic and have the ability to have multiple orgasms or, in truth, ride different waves of the same orgasm for seconds to hours.

That all being said, in my business, when talking about orgasm as a sex coach, I am often talking about the state of orgasm or orgasmic energy rather than a peak or specific sexual event.

Orgasmic Energy:

When talking about orgasmic energy, we are talking about being connected to our bodies and the energy that is flowing in our bodies. This energy could be in the way you have a thrilling sensation when you take that first sip of coffee in the morning or how your cheeks flush when you are embarrassed. Orgasmic energy can be present anywhere—church, the grocery store, work, anywhere! Orgasm does not require nudity, sex, or even touch. Orgasm is a state of being.

To give a quick example, I’m sitting here writing this article and eating a clementine. I am connected with the pure energy this food is giving off but also with the way it caresses my tongue, the sweetness that escapes its moist skin, and the touch of sourness that sends a thrill down my spine. I am connected to how my sacral chakra alights with the consumption of this delicious fruit. I am in a true state of orgasmic energy.

 Connecting with your orgasmic energy requires you to begin to get very present in your body and life. This state of being is one of the things I enjoy helping people discover in my business—how to really reconnect with their physical selves and begin to recognize all the yummy sensations that are ever-present in the body. This work usually requires the process of learning about your chakras and meridian points on your body and taking conscious time to tap into them during meditation or other tantric/energetic practices.

Orgasmic Life:

Then there is having an Orgasmic Life and living from the place of your orgasmic energy all the time. This experience is when you are reveling in all the little ups and downs of your life and are in tune with your physical, emotional, and spiritual energies and integrate them. Having an orgasmic life is when you choose to live in gratitude for all the moments given to you by the universe and choose to flow with them instead of resisting. An orgasmic life is not sitting in a life where you have a million tolerations and are just getting by but instead jumping towards what you desire, and you begin to learn to surf the waves of your emotions. It is finding things in your life that turn you on (sex, travel, adventure, family) and doing exactly that, throwing yourself head first into the passion you feel when you are engaged in these things. It’s living in the moment and recognizing when you are stopping your own pleasure.

For me, living my orgasmic life is continuing to work in a career that I love and actually doesn’t feel like work but instead feels fun and exciting. It is having colleagues to collaborate with who bring new ideas, excitement, and joy to my already passionate career. It’s being able to experience love in all its many forms and sit in the beautiful orgasmic energy of spirit. It is feeling a friend’s arms around we while I cry, and I can melt into the energy. It’s the soft brush of a lover’s lips that sends goosebumps over my skin. It’s travel and laughing with friends and continuing to reach for the life of my dreams while being in a state of gratitude for the life I currently have.

That is orgasmic energy and living an orgasmic life. And that, ladies and gents, is what is truly ORGASM!

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