You have to work for your orgasm!
Or your orgasmic potential that is
You don’t understand true orgasm because you’ve bought the average and ordinary sheep mindset of what sex is…
And that is why you don’t believe you can orgasm or the reason you go for the quick fix of pleasure.
You believe that deep penetrative orgasms are something that comes without you having to put in the effort.
And so your beliefs about what could be in the bedroom and even outside of the bedroom are skewed by your closed mindset.

Thinking that energy orgasms, emotional orgasms, cervical, g-spot, full body orgasms, etc…
Aren’t available because you’ve not experienced them for yourself and now you are lazy.
Lazy in your orgasm.
Lazy because you aren’t working for it…
And I don’t mean grasping and reaching for something in the physical because that will only take you the opposite direction of where you need to go
but working as in your inner work and physical work of taking care of your body.
Putting down the vibrator and starting to feel yourself/partner
Learning to breathe to intensify your orgasm
Tapping into you and/or your partners energies
Doing your pelvic floor work
Beginning to finally surrender and drop the holdbacks
And being steady on your inner healing path to give yourself the time for your heart, your energies, and your orgasm to open.
You give up too quickly.
You just want the quick release
You truly desire to do the work to bring in the energetics and deeper potential that we all have in sex
People sit in my office, in my workshops, and message me daily about how they aren’t experiencing their sex in the way they desire but then then they aren’t willing to truly do the follow-through work on themselves. They aren’t truly committed to their sex.
And people are frequently asking me if this “thing” called energetic orgasm is real… and in truth they desire for it not to be real…
They desire for it not to be real because if it’s real then that means they would have to stop relying on the quick fix and instead get present within self. It would mean that they would have to do something about it.
But I’m here to tell you that Orgasm of a massive variety are available to you if only you allow yourself to expand and drop into your growth.
Energetic orgasms can be more profound and filling than the physical
Emotional orgasms can release years
Deeper physical orgasms can leave you feeling penetrated by life for days.
But it doesn’t just come to you.
It takes you looking within and dealing with what is holding you back from this next level of bliss.
But never doubt that it’s possible.
Simply start looking at how you’ve decided it’s not possible and push through those beliefs and laziness holding you back.
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Addison Bell
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