The cool against my skin
The feeling of goosebumps blossoming out from my core
The heat of my hands as they vibrate
The opening in my chest…

All orgasm!

I have had several clients the last few weeks working to tap into their orgasm
They discuss not feeling satisfied unless they climax
Unless they hit a hard masculine peak.
But yet not ever feeling fully satisfied


True orgasm required true surrendered presence
Where you allow the energy to take over your body
You allow the scary depths
And you truly tune into the entire process and see this as sex and not just have a goal

The goal is to feel
The goal is to explore
The goal is to connect
The goal should never be climax

You shut down your orgasm this way
You shut down your person depth and the depth of your joint sexing

Presence is a REQUIREMENT in good sex
No presence = Boring AF sex

Though our culture has programmed us with a lack of presence
Our bodies consistently hold trauma and emotions that we never allow to be released
And most are raised with a horribly skewed and shameful viewpoint on sex

Then it take patient and grace in dropping into the sex
It’s a leaning and a learning to truly step into our sex

Hell, it’s a leaning and learning to step into our Blissful Lives overall
So, give yourself grace!
You are a beautiful spirit warrior on your way
But just keep walking the road. You will get there!

And give presence and a different kind of sexing a chance
You’re worth amazing, soul shaking, BLISSFUL moments!

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