I see you
The world sees you
You see you…
And we all see YOU differently.
And you and each individual in the world sees me differently to.
Because how we view someone is based upon our inner worlds and the vibration in which we choose to live. How we view others has very little to do with them and all to do with us.
If we see someone in our world as uplifting and positive then it is because those are the aspects we are choosing to focus on in that other being.
Now if we see someone else in a negative light then that is also what we are choosing to focus on in that other being.
It is often that we find a focus point in how we are going to judge another human (positive judgment, negative judgment, or somewhere between levels of judgment)
And that is where a person can easily get stuck in our minds forever and ever AMEN.
This is because we have honed in on a focus point and everything they bring to us from that point forward will be filtered through that lens.
That is, unless we make a conscious choice to open our eyes wider and see the full picture. And in order to see a bigger picture of someone then we must stepped back from our egos and lean more into our souls.
But before we can do any of that, we first must look within at our own vibration, holdbacks, and experiences that could have trapped this person from expanding within our minds.
As humans we all want to be seen by our fellow humans. We crave this but yet we turn around and lock those in our lives, including those we claim to love, in a box.
Other people’s reactions to us are often based upon the energy they are being met with in return. If you go into an interaction with another believing they are negative then I promise you that they will meet your expectations of negative.
All interactions have a multitude of ways that they can be interpreted.
Someone gives you a gift…
You could see the gift giver as someone offering love or you could see it as a form of manipulation.
There are those that truly are not aligned with us in this life but if we don’t give others the chance to grow and expand in our minds we shut down our own growth and connection.
Because when we live from.our egos and don’t choose to take time to look inwards at what is below our reactions then we are indeed stifling our ability to grow.
Often with a little bit of inquiry internally….
Inquiry and listening into another
We can allow our minds to grow and expand that other soul and maybe simply insert some love into another’s life and into our own wounding and barriers.
Remember… you will always see what you want to see.
So check what you are looking for!
Is it raising you and another or cutting you off?
Grab the Fire Within!
Addison Bell
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Photo Credit Alexandro Noyola