Others will never see!
The other day I found myself sharing about my childhood home and the tiny little community I grew up in. At one point I even pulled up pictures and maps to explain what I was talking about. This other person of course heard me but the picture in his head was NOT the picture I saw in my own head.
Later that same day I found myself with tears streaming down my face as I was attempting to share a sensitive memory with a friend. A person that knows me better than anyone else in my life. Yet, the words that I was trying to share were not getting through the knot that I felt in my chest and the memory that was right behind my eyes. I stumbled over words and tried to dance around painting a picture but knowing that whatever picture I painted would NEVER truly explain the immensity of the memory.
And as I sat later listening to someone else share on a here and now type situation that was swirling and consuming their lives…

It really got driven home. The message that how we experience something and the depth to which it touches us is wholly ours to hold and sit in. No one else, no matter how close to us or far away, will truly be able to capture our viewpoint.
Whether that be on something in the past or something happening right now.
Our emotions and past will stir and mix into everything and skew it.
Our current feeling of support.
Our current relationships and relationship status.
Our past trauma or lack thereof
Our current vibration
Our unique personality
Our way of feeling comforted and heard
And even what else is simply happening in our lives…
All play into how we see something and the pictures in which we form.
And if someone else is sharing with us then the pictures we form are not just based on our past of self but also our knowledge and past of this other person.
Others will never truly be able to capture these aspects and SEE us and our experiences. Never truly be able to FEEL us and our past in the way many desire….
So why share?
Why bother?
In my opinion. To open yourself up and share yourself with another. They may not see you perfectly but if they will see you at a level if the desire is there. At the end of the day we all want to be seen at a deeper level. To be felt where we can allow others to feel us. To make new connections and new moments in that sharing and collaboration of putting the vision of another together.
It’s what makes relationships fun because we can always be learning more about another person if only we desire. People are ever changing and even our viewpoints on the same moment change as we as a whole change and grow.
We keep at the process of allowing ourselves to reveal and share also to know ourselves at a deeper level. To understand our pieces and how they fit together more in depth. To discover both our shadow, our light, and even just get a better witness of who we are as we allow the words to flow out of us.
When sharing my memories with a friend I was surprised at both the feeling of tenderness and also numbness that came over me when sharing… while at the same time my inability to give words to something that was better painted in emotions and energy…. A learning moment for self on that personal share.
Just as trying to paint my childhood home to another brought the wave of nostalgia and how I miss my playful moments lost in the trees of my youth.
No one will ever fully see us because no one has your exact mix of emotions and life experiences.
But there is some beautiful learning and connecting that is present in these opening moments.
So when you think, “What’s the point, they are never going to understand”
Remember that the point isn’t for them to get it perfectly but to walk beside you…
Help you learn
Learn for themselves
And to simply connect and feel each other
And feel self.
We share because its how we grow!
It’s how we love!
Grab the Fire Within!
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