What stops you from OWNING and I mean really OWNING your truth? What is that area that you are running and trying to hide from your truths in order to not have to face them?

These things make you uncomfortable to be fully present in. They might be something that you are desiring deep in your heart but only choosing to dip your toe in the stream. Or it could be something you are claiming to really be full-on about but if you truly got real with yourself and others then they would know that you aren’t owning it FULLY.

You are holding back somewhere and a part of you runs scared. Hiding like a little mouse in the corner hoping that no one sees.

Most of us are hard-core not living our truths to the point that we live incredibly inauthentic lives. When you talk to the average person they could not give you an honest wholehearted answer for why they are the religion they are, do the job they do, have the relationships they have, or do most of the activities they fill there day with. They are living an “average” life and don’t want to dig into those messy TRUTHS.

This is funnily enough often apparent even when working with relationships. I asked a client a couple days ago what he loved about his wife…unfortunately I could see the inauthenticity forming as he struggled to come up with an answer that was in alignment with what he thought he “should say”. Though what I read all over his face was, “I really don’t have love for my wife anymore”.

The same is true when someone is starting a project or a business and they are not listening to the true calling of their soul and instead are trying to make it “safe”.

When we OWN our TRUTH… then we have to take responsibility for our truth! When we OWN our TRUTH then we then open ourselves to the fear of failure, insecurities, and dealing with our inner sh*t.

Because our truth can come with so very much opportunity and freedom. But it can also be scary as sh*t! Believe me I know this and experience it every time I dig deeper into my truth.

Though without OWNING OUR TRUTH we run the risk of dying and having never really lived our purpose. The half-lived life ?

By OWNING OUR TRUTH, we run the risk of pissing people off, being uncomfortable, and having to face ourselves and the outcomes of our decisions. But when we own our truth our life experiences are deeper and they call at a soul level that we can’t have from the surface level life.

Most people choose the half-lived life.

Brave people who have a dream, are connected to their souls, and are SPIRIT WARRIORS, choose….

Join me in owning yourself and your truth deeper everyday. I challenge you to ask yourself daily how you can step deeper into your truth for that particular day. And if you don’t know take a few minutes to breathe and reconnect to your truth!


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