Sometimes life isn’t fun
No sugar coating this shiz
No pretending that it’s all love, light and rainbows all the time

Sometimes life just hurts.
It’s not that you cant see the lessons or see your growth process

But it just holds a sadness…
A nostalgia
A memory
A moment
A feeling
A sensation

You could dissect it and try to DO something about it but in truth it’s not to be fixed
It’s meant to be felt
It’s meant to be loved
It’s meant to be SEEN and acknowledged

Never fixed… just witnessed

But it still requires a deep breath and a step forward
into dropping down and not judging or hating on it. Allowing it to be fully witnessed and expressed without shutting it down or expanding it out.

To purposely disconnect from the pain would be to disconnect from the transformation.

We must see the pain to truly acknowledge and recognize all the blissfully beautiful pieces of our lives. In order to see the light we must experience the dark.

But to pretend it’s all butterflies and rainbows would be a deceit to our human experience and would keep us small.

Thats not to say to drown in these aspects or to forget the love and gratitude that radiates from your core.

It just means that the pain has a powerful lesson and should be honored. The emotions, the sensations, the guidance that pain provides all is essential to our expansion.

Now pain is how you view it. And you get to choose how you experience it and flow through it… it’s all in the eye of the beholder.

But it’s not to be pushed aside and shamed.

We must see it, acknowledge it and then we must choose the light inside, having a greater awareness of the other side.

If your life is dark right now… know that it will turn towards the light if instead of clenching down you simply choose to surrender in and open to the flow.

All emotions and feelings are part of the human experience!
Love, Light, & Blessings,

*** I write this today because as I run through my emails, social media messengers, and popped onto the new I see great pain. I see people trying to fake that they are “fine” but actually hurting. I also see others also dismissing others true struggles as stresses rise with COVID-19 and more people are losing loved ones every day. If you are having a bad day, week, or month then know that its okay to be right where you are. Choose to do something each day to purposely include some form of laughter, play, or joy to remind you the light is still there and you still can feel the light. But at the same time don’t dismiss your experience. If you are struggling know there are people out there that do love and care about you. ***


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