We talk of spiritual moments as if they are always warm and cozy moments, where we feel doused in loving energy, and our world is glorious… with butterflies dancing out of our backsides! 😂

And sometimes this is exactly what a deeply spiritual moment or message feels like to us.

It can be those moments where we are so in need of light and love that it comes to us at just the right moment!
I remember a moment like this many years ago, amidst my struggle with a raging eating disorder, and I was lying on the floor of my bathroom in severe pain, blood, and vomit. I could feel my heart consistently skipping beats and struggling to continue on…

In that moment I had a very spiritual experience that was firm but loving. It felt like hope in a put of darkness. I went and sought help the very next day.

But there are also the other side of spiritual moments.

The moments where we feel hit with a baseball bat at the message or truth that is being presented to us. The times when we feel spirit grab our hearts, minds, or bodies and squeeze/push us in a new direction or new awareness….
Or quite frankly most of the times an awareness we are simply ignoring.

These are those moments where spirit doesn’t feel so good!

We talk of spiritual growth and expansion in such a beautiful way because our expansion IS BEAUTIFUL but that doesn’t mean it always FEELS BEAUTIFUL!!

Sometimes the hardest times in our lives are the most spiritually driven times because as humans we don’t like change… and growth means change. Also, depending on how far out of alignment we are with ourselves the more that must be changed in order to get realigned with our soul and purpose.

Spirit can come to us in a warm light and energy during a quite meditation but it also comes to us in…

A gut wrenching song
A particular topic consistently manifesting to trigger
A physical disease to wake you TF up
A traumanttic event

Personally, I have experienced a few incidents of sexual abuse/violence and I know that they ALL were there for a reason. However, I can look back on one particular incidence a few years back and I know that it was there to teach me a spiritual lesson that was necessary for me to learn. I wasn’t learning it in any other way and so after the playful and nice nudges from spirit it got real!

yes, spirit brought it to that level… raping me.

Because at the end of the day we are here to learn, grow and expand… NOT to feel comfy cozy.

Take shadow work! Our shadow work is incredibly spiritual and required for us to grow our light… but I, nor anyone I know, would describe shadow work as “fun”!

Its meant for us to see the deeper and darker aspects of ourselves and while one must bring love into this work… it is meant to stir us and transform us.


While spirit sometimes comes to us in uncomfortable ways, we often don’t help our own process and will take a tiny “spiritual baseball bat” (The soft and cushy kind) that spirit is providing us and ignore…

And ignore…
And ignore…
Oh, and ignore some more…

Until we find ourselves being hit with what feels like a major league baseball kind of a hit.

We make things worse on ourselves by not slowing down and connecting with spirit. We become so busy and unconscious that we aren’t even noticing the softer forms of communication or alignment.

We aren’t making time in our day for daily communion with selves and spirit and so it feels like we are being blind-sighted. When all along we were being shown the way but not tuning into the little corrections.

We don’t want to be uncomfortable and so we don’t make the little changes but then we complain when we get hit with a storm of traumatic change. When we could save ourselves much of the hurt and upset by taking the time to truly listen.

It just takes slowing down and aligning today
And then having love for yourself and spirit in those moments of difficult messages. Remember that spirit really always does have your best interest at heart.

Take the time today to connect and be aware of your present moment and all the messages being provided.

~Recover Your Life!

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