Imagine walking into a brand new home.
You walk around and land in a brand new room….
You stand there looking at the walls, the floor, and all the empty space. Blank and ready to be filled.
Or imagine walking into a current room of your home. One that you are ready, and have the ability, to redecorate. You look around and see all that is there…
In both of these scenarios, you are most likely excited and thinking about all the magnificence things you can do to fill the room and make it feel good!!!

How you can brighten things up?
How you can fill the room with whatever you desire?
How might you just rearrange?
You go into dreaming about all the beauty you can put in this room. What color you can paint the walls. The furniture and the millions of little possibility.
You get excited!!!
What if that room was your LIFE??
You can look at a brand new room and imagine a dozen possibilities but yet you look at a new life path as scary or uncertain.
When dear, you have the opportunity to fill this area of your life with whatever you desire!!!
You are the decorator.
You can paint and repaint.
Change the carpet.
Put things here and then choose to move them over there!!
If you love something that is old you don’t have to throw it out but you can re-vamp. Or you can throw things out with the trash if they no longer fit.
You can move things around and make it feel just right for you.
Yet when it comes to your life you look at it with fear of the unknown…. of getting the original decorating wrong… of feeling stuck…
So you are taking this beautiful opportunity to reimagine your life and stealing all the joy and excitement. The excitement of dreaming and scheming in the best way possible.
The joy of moving things around and cleaning up the energies.
The joy of taking things that once seemed boring and making them new.
The joy of bringing a new vibrancy and zest into your life.
You don’t have to KNOW what to do with this empty room of your life. You have to allow yourself to dream and lean into what feels good. You have to allow yourself to potentially get it wrong and revamp.
However, if you are tuning into self and your core then you CAN’T GET IT WRONG!
There is no way you will get the decorating process wrong because each decorating faux pas needs to be there in order to get to the best fit.
Start looking at your life as that empty room in which you get to create your own living masterpiece…
Knowing it can always be changed.
Knowing it can always be revamped
Knowing that maybe your room is already full and that your masterpiece might just require you to move things. We don’t have to throw all the contents out! Sometimes just tweak or give a little extra love and attention.
If you can look at a room and imagine, dream, and ponder with positivity and excitement…
You can do the same for your life beautiful!
Take time today and pick one area of your life…
An area that you might feel a little lost and confused in…
And journal: “If this area of my life was a room, then how would I decorate it? What would feel the best? Which area do I feel turned on to start decorating first?”
See what emerges!
Go create a fierce & fulfilling life!
Need help imagining?
Well beautiful…
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And all will be revealed.
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