This morning I opened up Facebook thinking?
“What message does my soul have for today? What should I share about on this Monday morning?”

My page opened straight to a video of the above image.
This is actually not surprising for a Monday morning to see people making comments about having to go to work. Hating their jobs. The tortures of “work”.

There is a piece of me that remembers vividly these feelings. Having to get up every morning to go to work at a job I hated as a therapist because of the fakeness it required (I actually loved my clients), or when I was working in corporate and was always dealing with angry people. I remember having to drag my lazy butt out of bed and oh how I dreaded those Monday mornings. I lived for the weekends!

The idea of going to work 5 days a week for the remainder of my life and never truly being happy was depressing at BEST! I was doing what most Americans are doing and very likely what you are doing…

I was working ….
I was making work, work!….

Not sharing, Not thriving, Not living my passion

I was surviving! And my attitude proved it.

There average person looks at work as really hard work and just something to pay the bills. If you are lucky then you somewhat enjoy what you do but are you soul-opening, heart expanding, kind of PASSIONATE about it?

I hope the answer is YES I AM!!!!

Then you can stop reading!

However, most likely you are still reading and most likely you aren’t living your passion. You aren’t stepping into your life and your power.

Most people aren’t even including their passion in their life at all might as well in their work!

Many of my new clients start out telling me all the fear ridden ego filled reasons why they have to stay at their job they hate, doing what they don’t enjoy, and have to sacrifice their souls. I’m not telling anyone today to go quit their jobs…. unless that is what you feel called to do!

Though I am telling you to stop making work, work! And take a hold of your passion and begin to share the gift you were meant to share with the world.

Maybe that means beginning to take that “side hobby” and take steps each and everyday to grow it into a new business.

Maybe that is finding ways to include more of your passions in what you are already doing for your career.

Maybe that is the fact that you simply begin recognizing and being grateful for the joy and passion that is already in your job. We can oftentimes get bogged down by B.S. that we allow to steal our passion.

And stop looking at it like something that requires “hard work” each and every day. I can tell you that if your belief system is that work is “work” and that you are always struggling to get ahead…. then guess what????

That is exactly what the Universe will give right back to you. So change your thoughts. Step into your life and make some changes, whatever those need to be specifically for you, to bring more passion into how you are living your life.

Begin finding the passion within TODAY!

Sending you Love, Light, & Blessings,


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