Passionate Powerful Me!

A 6 Day AssKicker to Get Back to Your Authentic Self

You are powerful beyond measure!

You have a passion that could light up the world!

Claim IT NOW! 

  • Are you living for the weekend?
  • Do you not see the passion in your life any longer?
  • Do you DREAM of a better life?
  • Have you lost your AUTHENTIC VOICE?

In this course we will do some AssKicking in order to get you back to being fully aligned with your goals, your dreams, and your desires!!!

You will leave this course with a new take on life, a reignited passion for what you were made to do, and having more fun than you’ve ever had.

The you that was meant to be shown to the world. THAT YOU is ready to make their debut.

During the course we will go through things such as:

How to get rid of the baggage that weighs us down

Dealing with other people’s perceptions and opinions of us

Finding your passion and your voice

Stepping into your Power

And how to use personal growth to rocket yourself into a fully AUTHENTIC YOU!

We live in a world that overall does not value true authenticity. That values a sense of false power but forgets to show us to find the true power within. Each of us holds a beautiful power that is uniquely ours and a passion that fuels that power. Once we are able to get through the noise of the things outside ourselves and also the negativity within.

We find a deep passionate power!



Ashley, 38 Ashley, 38

" You (Addison), changed my life with your guidance. I can't thank you enough!"

Tom, 46 Tom, 46

"You know I could not be where I am without you. I am very excited about me again after so long of questioning myself."


We will get clear on our goals, our dreams, and what continually gets in our way of claiming that which we were meant for in our lives. You will begin to connect with your passion and power in your work, your sex, your relationships, and your purpose.

Many of us also struggle to use our truly authentic voice and heart in our lives making it hard to ever find bliss and joy. We may come close but we always miss the mark when we are not truly connected to these aspects of self.

This is going to be an exciting interactive workshop where all your questions get answered.

We will dive deep but we will have a blast doing it.

Join me for one life changing workshop!!

Full Course Contents

Let's Break It Down!

  • 6 Days of Live Training
  • Journaling Exercises for every day
  • Exclusive Template Sheets for Growth
  • Lifetime Access to the Course
  • Bonus Materials, Videos, Content!!!
  • FB Group Created just for this Group to Share Growth

All for Introductory price of ...

ONLY $77

Get it before it raises in price!!

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