Penetrated me at that deep expansive level. Where I am ravenous for more and yet on the edge of breaking apart into orgasmic energy.

I want you to stroke the very center of my soul as we guide each other into a new level of bliss. Combining at the energetic level that melds so deeply with the physical that there is no difference between where you end and I begin.

I want you to penetrate my mind and my desires. Reaching for my ever expanding soul. Penetrating my thoughts, my my fears, and deflowering new adventures.

Being so strong in your divine masculine that you won’t let me shrink or shirk my orgasm. Taking what is wanting to be unveiled.

Turning on my mind in ways that keep me aroused in all ways. To the point that I am the one throwing you on the bed in a state of burning desire. Where I am physically and emotionally ravished in the way that makes me radiate divinity from my core.

I want to be penetrated…
But first I must open.
Allow the ravishing.


I sit with women every day that share this type of internal desire to be touched at a deeper level. They want to be penetrated at this deeper level by life and in their sex.

They desire it so much but have struggled to find this level of penetration in their lives and so many have given up. They have settled for average and ordinary sexing and life.

Or have simply backed away entirely from their sex and sensuality.

Knowing at a core level that if their man isn’t fully penetrating them that they would rather not open at all. Not wanting to open up the massive Pandora’s box of desires if they must then sit and watch them fester without any nourishment.

They would rather keep that box nice and tight and shut. Because too dive into desire means you must sit with this ravenous and look it in the face. And once we look at it then it WILL get fed one way or the other.

I’ve seen many a woman have an affair or step into dangerous situations in order to get penetrated.

And this is a two part gig!!!

For partners… they need to continue to ravish their woman. Not just penetrating her on a purely physical way! Thats not going to feed her but instead penetrating her heart, her fantasies, her desires, and her mind. Mind F*ck her in the best way possible.

You have to have the drive to step into her… FULLY!!!
Stand in her fire and not get burned.

Though as women… it is also our job to open to it. Allow our partners to ravish us at this deeper way. Allow them to take the reins and lead. This is a problem for most women of today that have a list a mile long of ‘to do’s’.

It requires us as women to tap into our sensual feminine nature. To allow ourselves most of all to be vulnerable at that level.

Being ravished, penetrated, and taken all sound amazing and sexy but more than anything they are vulnerable states. Places where we learn about ourselves and tune into a primal level of the feminine. The level that is hungry and yet never fully satisfied.

But it takes letting go at some point.

Letting go for the women to feel self
Letting go for the partner of all thoughts and instead connecting with the energy. Tuning into their primal natures as well.

A woman is a beautiful vessel that must be filled.
And if you choose not to fill her and I mean fill her at this deeper level…
She will fill herself.

Maybe you will lose her to a side gig
Maybe you will lose her to food
Maybe you will lose her to a state of soulless disconnection
Maybe to hyper-focus on exercise or work

Maybe not with an affair but you will lose her!
She will disconnect.
A vessel will get filled… even if not with what is being desired.

You either actively choose how it’s being penetrated and or it will fill with destruction and shut down.

Penetrate your woman and women… allow yourself to tap into yourself and be penetrated.

Love, Light, & Blessings,

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