“Please don’t hurt me!”
This is the thought that runs through my heart as I lay snuggled up in arms. Head on a naked chest and my heart feeling like it’s going to crack right open but there is still constriction held in my heart chakra.
Im in a dance of surrendering and then pulling back. Melting and then stiffening.

He is penetrating me and we make eye contact as he requests care with his heart.
Deep breath on my part.
I feel him so deeply in this moment.
I want to cry for him… and for me.
I want to show him how lovable and an amazing man he is and wish to make these beautiful promises to not hurt him.
I want him to wash over me with his love for me and allow him to touch every piece of me and have him make beautiful promises to not hurt me like so many before.
And that’s all it would be… empty promises.
I will hurt him.
He will hurt me.
Not intentionally.
Not maliciously.
But hurt we will.
When we open our hearts truly to love for another…
Our hearts hurt in beautiful and painful ways.
We FEEL that other person and our lessons and opening sometimes isn’t pleasant and comfortable.
Hard love is a truth.
It’s where our egos and our hearts have to face each other and we have to breathe in moments/statements/and actions.
The most loving relationships also have some of the most moments of pain and discomfort…. why? Because they are real and truthful
and real and truthful isn’t always pleasant!
We breathe into that other persons growth and expansion.
We breathe in the parts of that other person that stir us
We breathe in the moments that trigger
And yet…
the Love is so big and expansive that it’s so incredibly worth it.
We find ourselves and our energies opening in…
❤️ The loving arms of our partner as they share on a difficult topic
🧡 Watching our child smile and laugh as they grow into a new level of themselves
💚 A deep conversation about trauma and holdbacks with a dear friend
And so many more moments.
Because love itself in the purest form is not painful…
but we are here in these human forms and we were blessed with lessons and growth that we are presented with each person we meet…. and especially those that we choose to walk the path with for a stint or for life.
Love equals vulnerability and as imperfect people…
We sometimes mess up moments with those we love the most. We have insights and allow those people closest into ourselves and so their statements and actions inevitably make the most impact on our hearts.
But amongst the moments of occasional painful stir…
Are moments of deep passion, laughter, and connection
The moments that make life worth living
The moments where we feel seen and held the most
The moments that truly transform and lift us up.
So will we hurt each other?
Yes… of course!
Despite wanting to hold lovers, family, friends, and children safely in our hands. We will hurt each other.
But a healthy and deeply loving relationship is always worth the leaning in and loving!
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You want to feel the power of energy flowing through your veins in an orgasmic manner! Desire to feel as you body is overcome with sensations! Crave to find healing…