“Doing Nothing often leads to the Very Best of Something” – Winnie The Pooh
As we get older we fill
And fill
And fill
Our time, our brains, and our hearts with busyness.
Our society pushes for us to always be doing something, getting something, and producing something.
If we take time to do “nothing” it is seen as wasteful. Sitting and daydreaming is often related to someone who isn’t focused and doesn’t have life goals.

And when someone says they spent their day doing nothing usually what they mean is that they spent their day filling their brain and time with television and social media.
This is not doing nothing! Especially if it is being done in order to fill the mind and avoid. Avoid feelings, sensation, and truly living and experiencing.
First off we are always doing SOMETHING in our lives. Even when we are sleeping there is still something.
Though finding time in our lives to simply be and not be doing anything outwardly productive is imperative.
When we take this time we fuel our creativity. We allow space and time for our souls to be heard and to find inspired thought which then can turn into inspired action. And more simply we drop into the beauty of our lives and feel more.
In order for us to create amazing and abundant lives, we must find the feel goods. So in order to tune into the feel goods, we must take time to tune into our selves. And an amazing way to do this is to do nothing.
Do you remember when you were younger and you would spend time and have “nothing to do.”
Unfortunately, our upcoming generation doesn’t know this experience as much!
But those times when we had nothing to do or so we would exclaim to our parents were usually times when we found ourselves creating the most amazing adventure.
Usually, those moments of nothingness led to some truly inspired play and joy. They were deep thinking moments. They were truly magical.
Yet we tend to lose these moments in our lives on a consistent basis in our “adulting”.
Instead, we plan vacations where we take forever to settle in and enjoy the freedom
We take our free time and we find ourselves at the bar getting drunk and disconnecting
We say we don’t have time to do nothing but we zone out in front of the television and social media instead of connecting and having “nothing moments” with those we claim to love. Finding a deeper level of connection and dreaming and pondering together.
In order to live the life we desire that is one of alignment and feel good, we must take times of nothingness.
Without nothing, you won’t get something!
Spiritual Teachings
Scientific research
All tell us that we are doing some of our most productive work in the nothing because it always leads to a greater something…
Inspired actions
A filling of self
More imagination
And a connection with self.
So take Winnie the Pooh’s advice and my advice this weekend and find some time to do nothing.
You will be amazed at how the most amazing somethings will unfold!
Sending you all…
Love, Light, & Blessings,
Needing help with nothingness and being present.
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