The challenge of movers and shakers everywhere!
In business
In relationships
And in Life as a whole
Except those rare few that know and acknowledge that to be truly successful and fulfilled in life, it takes implementing the pause!
Now, there is so many different ways we can pause in our crazy lives.
We can pause in a conversation to check our ego response and thus expand our spiritual vessel
We can pause for self-love and self-care when we are overwhelmed
We can pause the TV channel 🙂

But the type of pause we are speaking of today is the actual pausing of a business, a relationship, or your life until you have this beautiful thing called clarity.
When you are someone that has goals and dreams that touch the sky… it can create a constant movement.
Doing.. doing.. and more doing
Always coming up with the next new thing for your business
Always trying to deepen that relationship a little bit more
Always pushing for more personal growth and expansion
Leaving in truth a creation of very little progress…
Because the push isn’t coming from a soul aligned space but from the energy of doing and fixing. It comes from a space of scarcity and as if something is wrong.
In this energy there can be no clarity.
Just a whole ton of ego and work without the deeper reward.
But in all of our lives there is the places of momentary pause that opens us up to our aligned steps and it also provides a space for energies to clear that are causing restriction.
I can personally remember many instances in my life where it was necessary to pause in order to heal, clear, and align… and thus have new soul aligned steps come into focus.
I can vividly remember a relationship that a few years back had to pause for a second. The energies had gotten so jumbled and the true alignment left the relationship. The more I tried to fix it the worse it got. Ultimately, a pause was created and I remember going into that pause kicking and screaming. But looking back years later it allowed energies to disperse and both parties to realign and come back stronger than previously.
The same thing has been said again and agin in my business. Those moments in the past when I’ve come to creation from a space of feeling the pressure to create “something” has led to me running around like a crazy woman… and ultimately never feeling fulfilled with the outcomes.
Though, now in my business, relationships, and life as a whole I’ve found the beautiful power of the pause.
Sometimes the pause is only needed for a moment or sometimes the pause is for days and weeks.
But sitting in that discomfort of pausing and going against our societal norm of always pushing forwards and creating, allows us to take the time to touch in with our deeper selves.
It allows us to get out of our ego’s and find more of the flow and the feel good of our lives if we truly allow it.
And it keeps us from running ourselves ragged and running the spiral of negative energy.
Instead it give us simply space…
To feel ourselves & know ourselves
It allows us to channel the messages that are all around us and at our disposal if only we create the opening.
The Pause is one of the most aligning and spiritual tools we can practice for our lives.
How’s your Pause Button?
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