Practicing the pause

Yes, and I mean practicing.
Let me share something with you.

I HATE pausing. It drives me crazy to be in a state of pause.

If hell was a place it would be full of that stupid music they play while they have you on hold. And tons of people just waiting.

“Pausing” has always been a challenge for me particularly in my personal growth. I am either all in or all out.

Yep, you caught me in my area of black and white thinking in my life. I am either full throttle or not at all.

I remember a few years back when working with a mentor and in the goal there was “pause” weeks. I remember initially refusing to take pause weeks because they drive me nuts. I would much rather be in a depth of pain but moving forward than holding.

However, as I have grown older and wiser (Ha!, not really). Okay maybe as I have simply seen the error of my own ways. I have realized the importance of the pause.

This is not to say that I like the pause or that it makes me all warm and cozy. Though I now very much respect the pause.

There are tons of areas of our lives where we need to simply take a second and pause. Figure our sh*t out and give ourselves, others, goals/dreams, and situations time to expand.

There is a healing in the pause. And if you are truly tuning into yourself then you WILL feel the push when that pause is over and you need to take action. If we take time to step into meditation and intuition during these times then we can receive great guidance….

Though we must surrender, open, and allow in order to hear this guidance. A crazy mind does not create soul-aligned lessons and messages. All it does is make the pause longer and more torturous.

The only way to get through these times of pause in our lives be it attached to a goal, a situation, a relationship, or anything else….is to look inwards.


This does not mean do nothing. It means get really focused on your mindset work. It means breathing, meditating. It may mean focusing attentions elsewhere for a time. And it may mean simply taking smaller actions.

Whatever it is… respect the pause. Respect yourself.
And give yourself the care to create….

The Magnificent BLISSFUL LIFE your were Born to Have!

Light, Love, & Blessings,
Addison B.