Yesterday I was sitting and am waiting for an appointment at my office and was tuning into the music playing in the background.

Then I could hear the words, “I will praise you in this storm” begin to play. It was from a Christian song that I know well and used to listen to years ago when in difficult times. This song hold memories of times that I did not think I could ever get through. In those years I did not take things day by ay but truly moment by moment.

Since yesterday this song has echoed over and over in my head. This morning it was the first conscious thought that came into my mind. And as I sit to write this post I can hear nothing but the chorus of this song.

So what is the lesson? I think myself a grateful person and lean into gratitude for all the abundance of blessings raining down upon me each day. I take time each morning and each night and sometimes in between to step into praise of God.

But then why?…Why this message. A message of praising God.

Well in truth as much as I’ve been leaning into thanking God. I have honestly had a disconnect in my core sincerity. It’s not that I am not grateful but the true praise…
over the top
heart singing
arms thrown wide open to the sky praise
…is absent.

The truth is that this has everything and nothing to do with God.
My relationship, and your relationship, with God reflects upon the relationship with self and visa versa.
If we can not be in praise with ourselves then we will be unable to be in praise of God. If we can not wholeheartedly praise God and be in that yummy vibration then we also will never have true praise and gratitude for self.

It is the message to true faith and letting go. Of surrender
Of gratitude in the surrender and the letting go. The true giving away of worry and doubt.

There are different things that keep us from wholehearted gratitude and praise in our lives but often it can be the ugly demon of doubt. That little piece in the back of your brain that can be the smallest seed but oh so very powerful.

That small seed can take away the full positive vibration of our grateful hearts. Take away all the beauty within and without and cloud it even just slightly with uncertainty.

It’s about JOYFUL praise. The type of praise that even in the hardest of times you have this childlike playfulness and feeling of dancing in your heart. Knowing that you are guided. Knowing that everything always works out for you. Knowing that there is always enough with plenty left over.

Knowing that praising your, life, and God is enough.
There is no need for plans, worry, and questioning.
An abundance of wholehearted gratitude can lead us and guide us. When we are grateful for what God has provided then we receive more.

When we hold doubt, fear, worry, etc. then we shut off our channel. To not only God but ourselves. We lose connection with our core spirit.

So the message spirit is currently trying to get across to me is to praise even in any perceived “storms”. To lean deeper into faith. Deeper into full open gratitude. And let go!

And since this was prominent in my head as writing this morning. I bet that if you have gotten this far in this post…then this is a message for you today as well.

Praise yourself
Praise your life
Praise your blessings
And of course
…even in the storms.

Light & Love to you all ?