“I’ve only ever wanted, fire
In my chest, in my mouth, on my tongue, in my mind
In my soul, so my lungs can breathe in fire”- Sara Bareilles, “Fire”
Pursue a life of fire. A life that brings that bubbling feeling into your body when you wake up in the morning because of the excitement.

Pursue a career that makes you feel that passionate fire in your veins as you think about what you are going to do next. A fire that sometimes you are uncertain you will be able to handle the heat of but that you can’t help but stay.
Pursue a romance that is fire. One that goes from hot and passionate to a warming smolder and then back to such heat that you are uncertain your body and heart can contain. A relationship that the pure energy of a look, a touch, a kiss, or even the thought of your partner makes you sweat.
Pursue dreams, goals, and overall that continues to drag you further into the flames. One where each next adventure and experience is teaching you more and more about that big fire. That base fire that alights all the other fires. The flame of all flames. The inner fire.
Use each experience as a lesson in your life where you can get more clarity on what alights you and what puts out your fire. A learning process to guide you to know what is real fire, what is simply a crazy spark, and what flames will sustain you through the long cold nights.
Though first and foremost you MUST ignite your inner fire of passion within self. Find ways in which to fan your own flames and keeps you alight.
Your fire… in career, in goals, in relationships, and in intimacy is YOURS and YOURS ALONE!
No one will ever be able to light your fire, maintain your fire, play with your fire if you haven’t learned to burn alone. Though no one will be able to put your fire out if you know your own fire.
Use your fire to help others burn and burn brighter within self. Though make sure you maintain your burn because without you burning bright then you are useless to light others out.
If each of us chose this then think about how beautiful all those different flames who look around the world. No one would try to douse another’s fire out because they themselves would burn bright enough.
Live a life of fire!
Show those around you what is is like to live a fiery life. And watch how the world will come aglow!
Sending you all…
Love, Light, & Blessings,