Rant and Rant Big!!!
Let it out from your very soul
Allow it to just flow through you.
Capture the true feeling as it passes from your lips to God’s ears.
Rant and Rant BIG!!!

Don’t just rant about anything
Rant about the beauty
Rant about the joy
Rant about all that is going right
Rant about how everything is always working out
Rant about all that feels good in your world.
And scream it from the rooftops!
Allow your spirit to take over and allow your contrasting ego to step aside as you create a divinely guided and channeled rant.
Yes, rant and rant BIG!
Usually when one rants they get into a flow state.
Whether the rant be about the beauty and joy or the contrasting elements presenting in their reality.
But ranting whether positive or negative feels good. It alone is a flow state!
Though when we continue to rant about the negatives we are asking the Universe for more of those negatives. We are inviting them in. Completely opening the door to more of that experience.
Though the same is true for when we get into a rant about the positive. The difference here is that we are calling in from our soul goals. We are choosing to focus on moving our life forward and being in the yummy goodness of life. Thus calling in more yummy goodness.
I sat in my car this morning before pulling out of my driveway and had a choice. Drive with music or drive with an uplifting Abraham Hicks rant. I chose the rant.
And as I listened I could feel my energy rising.
By the time I got to my office I was feeling even better than I already had been feeling on this beautiful morning. I sat there in my car after the audio ended and began ranting.
Ranting about how I love how the breeze was blowing in the trees. How I love how the sunshine was coming in just right into my car window. How I have an awesome car that takes me from place to place with ease. How I have choices when I am in my car to listen to music, listen to uplifting audios, or simply be in quiet. How I have an office that I adore and where I get to see my soulmate clients. And on, and on, and on for several minutes.
I ranted and ranted hard.
Many times when we are looking for the positives in life we are focused on the BIG things in our lives. It is rarer to sit and just go on and on about how amazing all the little blessings are in each and every moment.
Though this focus of just a few minutes can truly change how you see the world.
It is a practice that I used to do daily of not just being grateful because I have a strong daily gratitude practice in place but to sit, but more so to sit and rant and rant for 5-10minutes about anything and everything. To allow my spirit to overtake my and get into a flow.
It is also a basic practice I am getting back to after today. And I am asking you to join me. To allow the flow and get into a good old positivity rant.
Do it out loud and in a powerful voice.
Allow your throat chakra to open and flow.
I would love to here below a few rants of positivity from everyone. 1,2,3…go!
Sending you all…
Love, Light, & Blessings
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