We are all mixed signals.
I was scrolling for a moment today as I was waiting for some food I had ordered and I saw a post about how if you receive any mixed signals that you should let go of the other person.

In truth I see a lot of people talking about if someone triggers you, doesn’t “accept all of you”, doesn’t put you first, isn’t at the same vibration, etc, that we should cut them out of our lives and relationships.
And while there are times when it’s not healthy to continue a relationship.
I feel like the last few years we have tipped a scale from letting go of people that genuinely are not healthy for our lives or don’t desire to truly give themselves to working on the relationship, to instead cutting out anyone and everyone that doesn’t think/move/act exactly as we wish them too.
My issue with the mixed signals post and some of these other posts that I see is that it is not conductive to real people in real relationships. We all have bad days and sometimes weeks when something is going on in our personal lives and may shift our energies. We all have moments when we are not being our ‘best selves’.
Personally, I know the last week or two I’ve been a massive vat of mixed signals. There was some major news that came and swirled life up in some fun, interesting, and also scary ways. So in that settling I have found myself being a mix of signals as I come back to my center and reground. The difference is that he is inquiring and I am sharing on where some of the confusing energy is coming from at the moment. And some of which I can’t explain but he has to care about me enough to understand that not everything is about him.
We have stopped wanting to dive deeper into the depths of those we are in relationship with and inquiring about what might be shifting energies. We are very complex beings with complex reasons behind how we act.
We are on information overload in this modern world and so we stop seeking more information within self and within others about the actions and reactions. When we are so quick to throw another away without conversation and understanding, then we ourselves are showing a lack of true commitment to that person.
When we want to be with someone. When we want to love someone. When we truly and wholeheartedly care about someone. We are willing to take the step forward and at least inquire about what is happening.
Communication is the key of all relationships and if you aren’t wiling to do the hard communication then you don’t really care… and that is why it’s so easy to toss that other person aside. And if thats the case then the problem potentially lies with you and not with anyone else and thier “signals/energies/reactions”.
Again, I would never suggest someone stay in an unhealthy relationship if they have tried to put work and effort into the connection. Also there are people that simply are not right for us in our journey. But that is a much different thing than treating people as if they are disposal!
Lets start re-engaging with real relationship values and building.
Thats what the world needs more of right now.
Real connection. Real listening. Real engagement!
Love, Light, & Blessings,